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  1. Polymath is correct, it would just be a duplicate "Mental Clone" and not actually you, you would still die but your copy would live on forever which is why Digital Immortality is ultimately doomed, but to the mental clone's relative perspective, it would think you had succeeded while you being the non clone entity would say it failed as there would be no collective group consciousness between the copy and you, which is impossible without a physical bridge connecting you and the copy unless quantum entanglement begins to operate at that point which is doubtful but indeed quantum entanglement is
  2. The Jewish people and Arabs have been fighting for 5000 years if it were up to me, I would destroy the entire middle east Arab and Jewish alike for ever being such a annoyance to the Western and Eastern powers. The Middle East is a shithole anyways, I don't know why the jewish people care so much about that land in Palestine, move to a civilized area and buy some land in that place, screw the middle east, all the middle east is used for is a large oil stripping mining operation which is all that area is good for. Personally, I don't hate arabs or jews, I hate middle eastern people in general f
  3. The Grand Master of the New World Order is listening to your demands we retort with we will frame you into being a terrorist within 24 hours if you don't cease the unveiling of classified physics to the world polymath, we are watching and any other debt slaves that help you will be your accomplices in this crime of terrorism. You have been warned.......... You have already been RFID micro-chipped in your sleep and are being stalked by swarms of nanorobots..... Polymath. -End Transmission- That is about how screwed up, I think that the people you are threatening would do to you if
  4. Frankly, I agree with you my current binary computer is about the same specs as the current Quantum Computers being the D-wave 1000 being 1000 Qubits @ 30 Mhz , this computer being 900 bits @ 5.0 Ghz being 4.5 Terabits per second which is ruffly equivalent at 30 Terabit per second for the quantum computer, I would just need 7 binary computers which is $14,000 still it seems like another one of those things that you just drop money into, my binary computer being $2,000 versus $15 million Quantum computer with 1000 qubits even if I bought 1000 of these binary ones it would still only be $2 milli
  5. Oh, I thought you were going for something deeper than just a measurement defect with mass spectrometry and rather a "Actual" Rest Mass defect in the particles meaning they are not universally the same, this no longer peaks my interest continue, I tend to think this is below me. Continue your exploration of the defect of measurement via mass spectrometry then, that isn't that major of a change and revolutionary idea in the field of physics as explained I am sure with a bit of evidence it will be approved as a legitimate not nearly the concept I thought you were trying to tackle.
  6. the finale to this Industrial Nanorobotics post, Movement and completion. There are two variants of the movement of the swarms of nano-robots, which I call the submarine model and the helicopter movement model which both share a common principal which by the names I am sure you can understand how this works, the mechanical movement generated is converted into motion being the form of a propeller and propulsor on the nano scale. The only difference between the aerial and aquatic nano-machines is the shape of the movement devices. Finally Fabrication, which is done by the same
  7. Is it morally ethical to feed people food that tastes bad?
  8. Today I would like to explore what the Energy-Stress Tensor would look like as a Set of String Equations. First we will start with T00 transforming it into a string equation which the Electric and Magnetic field which is in the form of a energy equation so the term EEB = 1/2(E0 E2 + (1/u0) B2) is true for the energy of a electromagnetic String thus EEB = (1/2)MRest MassωEB2 AEB2 the string form of T00 = (1/2)MRest MassωEB2 AEB2 Next for T10 to T13 and T01 to T31 Which are (SL/C) being the form t = SL/C solving for SL = t/C, making the String Form (T10 to T13 and T01 to T31) =
  9. Ya my point is your beef really isn't with special relativity and more of Quantum Field theory that is was determines the "States" of particles and their interaction pathways in feymann diagrams, if you are looking for a mass defect in the "Rest Mass" of the particle states that is a QFT issue and not SR. If you ever find that all particles are not always the same it would rewrite QFT as QFT determines "Rest Mass" which the only real difference between a Electron and a Proton is their "Rest Mass" which applies to any particle's "State". Which in that case the Proton has a Color Value being of
  10. Actually, this assumes both Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity to be incorrect which I can tell you is not the case. F=qv X B is the correct calculation for the magnetism of a particle under QFT and classical physics which can be verified to be correct by the Electron in a magnetic field test. E = MC2 can be found to be correct by the Pair Production and Matter/Anti-matter Annihilation experiment by measuring the energy yield of gamma radiation from Electron/Positron annihilation. If you find that the radiation pattern does not follow the E=MC2 relationship then let me know, you wi
  11. Ya, I was reading that too usually nanobots are "Molecular Machines" thus being made of complex molecules but we get what he was going for. What he was trying to say I think is can create bonds on the scale of atoms.
  12. Ya, I thought about this later and the idea for this cure to addiction was screwed from the beginning..... like people won't abuse being able to edit their neurons to artificially make dopamine forever. I had good intentions. Well, Now it gets retooled as a weapon, Joker Gas anyone?
  13. I was doing some thinking about drugs specifically Opoids which induce Dopamine when used. I was considering the nature of drug addiction which from many sources seems to be a heighten state of Dopamine being the primary pathway of addiction which gives the happy feeling from usage of the class of drugs called Opiods to cure the addiction process. This is not exclusive to Opiods it is common for people to crave and become addicted to any drug causing a dopamine release being the same reason that people enjoy sex to such a degree because of this neural chemical's release. I have come up
  14. Well, about Frontier Internet, first to say that frontier internet is slow is a understatement, it is by far the worst internet to exist, I would dare to say that dial up services are better than frontier because at-least they actually work about 50% of the time frontier does not connect, then you call the hotline and they do nothing, there are outages about every month for days and the internet modems that they use disconnect randomly from a modern wifi cards in laptops about every 30 minutes. To say that frontier is unstable would be a understatement, which they charge about 30$ to 50$ or mo
  15. They just don't have anything better to do I guess, What is the applications of water on Jupiter...... None , I bet that research cost millions of dollars for absolutely nothing. What did they do launch like a water probe, lets see how many places we can find that have small amounts of water.
  16. so you two think that only minor advances are classified, interesting, I dunno I just wanted to see what people thought was classified, but if you know about it doesn't that hint that it isn't classified? I think that they hide quite a bit more information then you would give them credit for. When I think about classified technology, I always think of the story that my grandfather which was a Master Tech Sarg Grade Five told me about Superconducting computers back in the 70s which was obvious attempts at a Quantum computer 40 years ago. It would not surprise me today if they didn't have a worm
  17. Lol, Hilarious, as if I cared about what you thought or suspected, do we have a problem, exchemist?
  18. In any case, back to the subject at hand, you know what is really annoying is how the global powers always mess with each others affairs how different this world would be if they just learning to leave each other alone, it always generates a total mess. I will say that America and Russia are the worst about this. Slowly over time this has made me loathe, both of them quite some amount, I like China's attitude personally unless someone bothers them they don't try to turn things into a mess like RU and US do. The Euros tend to keep to themselves too even though they are always whining about coun
  19. What about A well-dressed, Well-heeled gentlemen with No Family, living in a toxic mansion.
  20. Thats fine exchemist, it will go public one day until they I don't expect you to believe this about the Aurora program but I have seen evidence that I do believe to be Nuclear powered aircraft that are still currently in research and production. P.S. , I guess you never realized that there is a whirlwind of wrath buried beneath this calm collected person unlike Hitlers hated people atleast these people did something.
  21. No, I know the difference that cruise missile is nuclear powered with also a nuclear warhead, the Tu's are still nuclear powered read all those articles, especially the last and first one. The other articles minus the first and last one don't directly say they are nuclear powered but hint toward it.
  22. They still do but I would have to show you a archive that may get me a FBI visit or something, but I promise they still do. The Russians and US don't normally talk about it for some reason, it sits in classified sections of research unfortunately.
  23. Unfortunately, I can not tell you without giving you classified information about the US, but I can be a dick and tell you all about the Russians doing it, Hold on. Here is about one of their crashed nuclear powered cruise missiles to start. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/23058/russia-is-hunting-for-its-crashed-nuclear-powered-cruise-missile-and-the-u-s-might-be-too A.I. nuclear jet, Russia. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/723671/Russia-Kazan-new-bomber-plane-AI-supersonic-nuclear Here are the chinese ones, which have new reports about it, but it sits in classified
  24. Well, that may be true in the U.K. that there are no nuclear aircraft but I can tell you that it is most definitely in development under the Aurora program, I have actually seen them where I live fly over before, most people think Mr. Flying Triangle is a UFO it is not, unlike the U.K. the price is not a object in the U.S., you have to remember that the U.S. and R.U. have significantly more resources than U.K. which is just an island. I am just telling you that is what is currently being worked on in the U.S. and R.U.
  25. Soon that will not be the case that the US War Machine runs on Oil, it has begun to switch to Nuclear as you may have noticed all the Naval ships have fission reactors now, The Air Force has begun to switch from Oil to Nuclear aswell, the Land army of the US still uses Oil that is correct though. The Russians have a Nuclear Powered Naval Force too, but are like the US still upgrading their aircraft to nuclear reactors but land based armies are still Oil based. Though, the Air and Naval forces of both countries revolve around usage of Low Yield Atomic Weapons and High Yield Conventional Weapons
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