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  1. That is correct you would start to gain relativistic mass and eventually you would literally have more mass than the Earth if you picked up enough energy, that is the correct way of thinking about this, the Energy of you falling starts to turn into mass as the speed of light approaches this is why you cannot exceed it, you would eventually become so massive that it would take a infinite amount of force to move you faster at the speed of light because you would have so much relativistic mass.
  2. If time travel is possible then it is via Quantum Entanglement like Polymath says, it is the only means of physics that we know of that travels faster than the speed of light. To Travel faster than the speed of light by traditional means would mean to go backward in time, I am certain that hyper-intelligence's would eventually figure it out. How to communicate backward of time which via Quantum entanglement is physically possible without any violation of Lorentz invariance, Virtual photons of Quantum Entanglement are by nature mass-less, so they would travel at the speed of light, Secondly, th
  3. Dark Energy and Gravity are truly the only things that cause a redshift or doppler in space, which are both functions of Space-time changing you better believe it.
  4. Today, I am going to be tackling the Transformation of Mars into a Earth-like planet from a Barren planet to make humans a second home. First, we must know a little about Mars before we can transform Mars from a Barren planet to a Earth-like one. The Pictures below will explain the current status of Mars. Atmospheric Composition Chart Mars Internal Structure Mars Geography and External Structure First to Terraform Mars we need to generate a Magnetic field over millions and billions of years Mars has been cooling down, This has caused the Magnetic field of mars to collapse
  5. Yes, biological systems are very complex and require different math. See, you have stepped into a area, I have done before, you can calculate the Sum of Change or the amount of change experienced by the particle. ∑Δ = ∇2 I have done research into this area before when I, was first doing Planck level quantification of Electromagnetism, that (1/4^33 photon compactments) is a summation of change or Absolute Dirac function.
  6. That's what I am saying the Schwarzchild radius would be very small much smaller than a Planck length for a photon, the gravitational effects of it would be noticed on levels much smaller than a Planck length I have speculated before that Photon may be "Electromagnetic Black-holes" being just a black-hole that is caused from the energy of a photon without anything to push against it besides directional Kinetic Energy or momentum, you could be on to something saying that Photon's could have packets that are smaller than they are that are like BH's.
  7. You mapped a Photon's Schwarzchild Radius interesting, that would be less than a Planck length
  8. We are really going to do this to Dubbel again, LOL, alright I am in. Virtual photons could be a solution but I need the dynamics of the effect that photons have passing through time-space and their effects on Time-space, so you say it is time dilation upon space?
  9. I still don't have a Lagrangian or L value for Quantum entanglement your guess is as good as mine. You are welcome to speculate on the dynamics of the QE system because it was never solved, but I was impressed you have almost completed a Gauge and unitary group for your theory.
  10. are we going to storm Dubbelosix's mathematical chamber of Solitude again? *begins to plan the siege and bring in the siege equipment*
  11. Lol, I bet science and Video game poems get all the ladies, well done in my book.
  12. Still at it I see Dubbleosix just accept the Kerr-Newman Metric and the Superiority of GR over QM and we can be done with this........ Obviously Einstein's equation's Solutions explain everything to do with a BH..... Lol =)
  13. Well, actually Dark Energy and Gravity are opposites, Dark Energy Expands Space-time and Normal Energy Compresses Space-time which is gravity, Gravity and Dark Energy can both cause Redshift from objects moving closer or farther away, while in motion as they pass through space-time effected by these.
  14. Oh, your talking about a object in motion emitting the sound, yes this causes a shift in the frequency due to the motion of the object, due to the increased kinetic energy in one direction of the particles emitted and the decreased kinetic energy in another due to motion, and probably wikipedia is a descent source but there are much better.
  15. They do, but only in the time it will take for the wave to hit the object or objects in question.
  16. Well, as the universe expands the galaxies move away from each other and the time-space between them slowly expands, this causes a redshift due to the velocity of Space-time or the Universe's Fabric increasing in size which causes Dark Energy Redshift which is a lack of gravity on the Universe's Brane allowing it to expand at increasing rates aka accelerating expansion, anything to do with the movement of time-space or the universe's fabric is gravitational being the change in this fabric's structure.
  17. That causes a Vibration in the air which is actually a change in the movement of the molecules and atoms in the air besides that of temperature by the sound wave's Energy or Force, actually electromagnetism causes that as the charge and magnetism of the matter causes change in movement as they repeal each other or attract after the ripple of Pressure hits them which is the sound wave.
  18. It is caused by Dark Energy, galaxy's redshift which is still a function of the Energy-Stress Tensor meaning gravity, there are two types of redshift Gravitational by gravity's pull and Dark Energy's Redshift.
  19. Yep, I have partial credit on a modification of String Theory and the Standard model and several papers and inventions to do with physics, Here is one of them, but mainly Biotechnology and Nanotechnology are my specializations.
  20. Associates in Biophysics and Bachelor's in Biochemistry, published in 42 papers honorary Science Academician. Inventor with over 300 Inventions in 20 subjects of science.
  21. No, redshift indicates gravity not relative motion. Sorry moving faster than the speed of light from the Rest Frame's view point is impossible in physics, Case Closed!
  22. It would not change the velocity you see at as but rather the color that you see it as, which makes this another irrelevant subject. Etotal = MC2 (1/(1- (v2/c2)) , Only a change in Energy will cause a difference in velocity you see it as.
  23. There is no gravitational field to steal Kinetic Energy thus also velocity from the objects in motion is why there would be no Doppler shift which is caused form a loss of Energy from the object leaving the gravitation field as previously explained, Moronium. Energy is always conserved in physics, Thermodynamics makes certain of that.
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