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  1. Part I: The Carbon Fusion Reactor Core This Spacecraft will be powered by a Carbon fusion reactor which burns at 4 billion kelvin which is a anti-matter producing reaction along with much energy being the CNO cycle. This reactor will produce around 500 Megawatts to 5 gigawatts of energy which will later be used for the Thrusters, Plasma Beam Laser weapons, and Warp Core powering these systems along with giving power to all the systems on the ship but most the the energy will be burned by those three systems. Carbon Fusion Core This reactor will intake elemental hydrogen 4 atoms
  2. I have decided I am going to build a spaceship on this forum like my Space ship in EVE(Video Game), but in real life. The Paladin Class Battleship which I am going to design based on the laws of physics. Give me Several weeks and I will have the ship designed and space worthy, there will be updates on the design of the spaceship just like the Retroviral Engineering Thread and Nano-machine Thread. Someday, I hope to construct this in real life and leave this world...... Forever destine for the Stars. I once designed a spaceship class, the TARDIS class battleship on Facebook.com, so I have some
  3. Decay happens no matter what unfortunately, but there is a way to slow atomic decay which is to use Special Relative and move the object closer to the speed of light, this will slow the decay rate of the matter by a amount equal to Time Dilation. The Closer to the speed of light the object is moving the more the decay will slow of the object as time will move more slowly for the object relative to your rest frame.
  4. Lol, sounds like a Ex- girlfriend of mine, you can do either or but I think once you journey into science you will begin to enjoy knowing of this world and the universe works, I don't care what you do, you can always do what many people do around me, Mr. Medvil, I don't quite understand, they don't know the wealth of power they are missing from understanding the universe through the lens of science. I don't think it will hurt him if you don't share his passion or wanting to talk about science just tell him you don't find it interesting and to talk about something else, I don't think he would p
  5. Dubbel already did a SO( 8 ) I calculated it myself, unlike polymath here it seems that Dubbel has actually constructed a Thermal E8 with connections to entropy of the BH and other particle systems, that is why I am so interested to how Dubbel treats the forces in their current state.
  6. Well, actually Dark matter and Antimatter to share a common theme Antimatter is an opposition upon charge being antimatter is opposite to matter in charge + versus - , Dark Matter is the same upon a property called Hyper-charge or flavour, Dark matter is the - to the + on hyper-charge to normal matter being the in the standard model a formation of sterile neutrinos which have a right handed spin causing this opposition upon Hyper-charge much like photons or Weak Positives generate antimatter and opposite charge in pair production, The Sterile neutrino is the Weak Positive of Dark Matter, whic
  7. Actually the Adjoint operator is an infinite matrix with multiple dimensions but it could be applied to infinite amount of any object or space. Summation form of infinite adjoints in photonic 3-D space, if the universe where purely photons at a time slice. E(x,y,z) = Σ(z→∞)Σ(y→∞)Σ(x→∞)hf
  8. The Standard model is the commonly used physics for instance Dubbel and myself are both researching models considered beyond the Standard model, the Standard model consists of SR,GR,QM,QFT, all put into a framework for explaining the universe under currently well understood principals which are more or less the foundations of modern physics. String Theory and Quantum Loop Gravity are also considered beyond the standard model, it is just a way of saying commonly accepted physics without any alterations the basic models of the Universe for each scale or most widely used. Here is the CERN page
  9. Well, I am using it because it gives a simple solution to ω which i don't really want to reverse solve for in any case, it helped quite a bit. I will have to see if it fits the equation properly as the correct ω cause I never completely solved for all the variables in the partial differential equation that is one of them.
  10. Looking good dubbel, now you just have to explain the 4 forces, since you have a expansion equation, as energy or temperature or force or entropy or Lagrangian in their current state since you have the BB structure already that comes from the BB structure. I can't wait to see you pull this off, which does dubbel choose to display the current universe state in after the decoupling of forces. I did Lagrangian from binding energy field(Graviton field). There is going to be a big dubbel equation here in a moment or a very long system of them, a really long one just wait especially once he starts t
  11. What really needs to happen is a study of Particle creation and the Higgs field when it comes to generating particles during the time of the BB, Even if a Quantum Fluctuation caused the matter of the universe being only a single universe, then the Higgs Field needs to be revised because currently under QM/QFT, it says to generate Mass, Tachyon Condensation must happen and in order for Tachyon Condensation to happen, there must be something pushing the Energy into a Electroweak debinding state. It is more of a matter of QFT/QM the generation of the initial energy of the universe and whether ene
  12. That is not true, how alpha males become alpha is practice I am telling you that it is not all about what they were born with, it is the information stored in their brain, having a Big Penis doesn't mean a thing if women view you as broke and without a job, like a friend of mine, he can still pick up women though but that is because he is a Pimp and knows how to attract women. Learn to embrace your inner pimp, and if that doesn't work impress women with a nice movie and dinner with your money, there are many ways to get panties constantly tossed at you. Women are simple creatures basically, th
  13. I recently bought 10 acres of land on Mars for commercial usage in the year 2050s to 2100s for a Fusion Power plant which will be the Carbon Fusion Reactor outlined in the thread. http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/30881-the-thorium-cycle-and-carbon-fusion/ Soon to be selling electric energy on Mars for 11 cents a kilowatt hour in the year between 2050 and 2100. What do you think about buying land on other planets, do you think the value of said land will go up in time? With the find of Water on Mars, I thought it would be a wise investment for the future, The water can be u
  14. That is my point, it missing details smaller than 100 Mpc, it obviously is missing the smaller details, where as String Theory does that and is still accurate to the Planck Length. It fails to accurately explain the time period of the BB singularity thus is invalid in describing the complexities of the interactions during that time, only far after the period of initial energy-mass in the universe.
  15. Polymath, Dubbel is right you have no idea what you are talking about it is definitely not a E8, E8 would have 248 root systems, I would imagine that your model has far less than 248 root systems thus cannot be called a E8 math equation unlike mine which has at-least 248 root systems to take into account. Here is about E8 math (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E8_(mathematics)) and lesser mathematical models cannot compose them they are nearly perfect and take in the full complexity of the universe, you are missing a few dimensions of complexity, There is far more to the universe then what you ha
  16. I am just telling you when you look at the equations it misses all the Quantum Effects that are needed when approximated the BB singularity, you lose things like Hawking radiation and virtual particles along with entangelement of particles and the exact pathways of the particles, it is like a giant blob you don't get the finer details, The FLRW does the same-thing it doesn't describe the actual universe like a String Field but rather an ideal universe. It is all idealized to be smooth instead of rigid like the universe actually is. I dislike views when it is an ideal fluid like many of Einstei
  17. The nature versus nurture debate has been going on for about 100 years if not longer basically, the conclusion that was come to about this is it is 50% genetic and 50% practice , if you are a bad public speaker you may not always be so if you practice the art of speaking a great deal, if you are a beta male maybe you should learn to pick up the ladies, and know what ladies like to make yourself more attractive, for instance, I have not always been this way but I am good with women, in my younger years I was bad with females, I just learned to be what women want. It is never that set in stone
  18. The LCDM takes them directly from the energy-mass forms of the particles as a fluid like EFE but are conserve because of the energy-mass are equal, which does not take in account external sources of energy which is a closed system but LCDM does have its flaws, it misses alot of the finer Quantum Details of the system, I would never use it on the BB singularity, there are so many models of the early universe which are better suited than LCDM for Singularities which the BB was. Secondly, LCDM model assumes a constant amount of energy equally distributed throughout the universe which is wrong, it
  19. I don't think being a spectator is expensive but if you are really interested I can bring you in as part of the team and just let you watch, I dunno how much admission is but I will be getting in free as a speaker as well as my company's spot for its example product, it may be like 500$ I am not sure, but it is the European Nanotech conference, I will be there both days, if you see the booth then say hi I will see what I can do about getting you in to the conference as a speaker's assistant or something. I am not even sure if I am going 100% yet, but I will probably be going if I get in as a s
  20. Well, I didn't see those datasets this is the framework I use for BB questions about cause because String Theory has generally been besides its anomalies been correct on particle formation and other things of this nature, plus remember I think that BH contain Wormholes when quantum entangled take it or leave it, which allow energy transfer between universe branes.
  21. That is not my opinion that is String Theory's on the reasoning behind the BB and Cold spots, that collisions with other universe branes happens causing a flow of energy in or out of the system based on the temperature of that brane that was collided with. Two Papers on Brane Collision https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0103239 https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0207140
  22. Ya, it could be that Dark Energy along with Dark Matter (Gravity) + Energy-mass (Gravity) = 0 the sum of the universe's energy being zero but the question in that still remains what caused the reaction that made the BB. There would need to be a cause to the reaction as Newtonian physics says, This sort of reasoning would still require a cause to the BB.
  23. The Truth is that the universe is not a closed systems we see evidence of temperature loss in the CMB,This spot is called the Cold Spot in the CMB which says that it had to have gone somewhere were possibly another universe brane which also is the answer to where the energy of the BB is from another universe. The Universe is not a closed system entirely most of the time it is but not always as it can interact with other universe branes which the interaction is currently unknown just that in the past it seems as if it had to have lost or gained energy in small amounts and possibly in large amou
  24. Secondly, I will be submitting a paper on Viral Nanorobotics to the book for the Conference, if anyone wants to publish any of their works in Nanotechnology this is a perfect chance to get it published in the conference book, If you want to be a Eposter , This paper is expanded information on the information I will be going over at the Conference itself. I will be preparing a brief overview of the paper which if you follow my posts on this forum, you that have read my works and will be familiar with already mainly about the production of Multivalent Synthetic Hybrid Lentiviral Vectors and the
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