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  1. The idea behind the thing I did as a freshman was that Photons were charge singularities like the gravitational sort that had a neutral charge and the graviton was a Blackhole being the force carrier of gravitation just being a very large particle but this reminded me of this, but it is possible that what you say is true as Dark Energy or the Cosmological Constant is 1/Lp2 or ruffly equivalent to it. It could be that the universe is a manifestation of an instructive curvature that even charged particles could generate Singularities via their charge Energy-Stress. A speculation for your theory
  2. Don't count your nobel prize yet , the key to a nobel prize is to show that mathematically. Put that in math context over the manifold I posted earlier and you may be reach possible nobel prize status. Basically, take the proper partial derivative of time-space that shows it as a function of information and you'll be like Einstein. It is currently in (dx'/dx2),(dy'/dy2),(dz'/dz2),(dt'C/dt2C2) form in killing vectors don't feel afraid to play with it.
  3. I was looking into a old method of decay antimatter synthesis I hadn't looked into for many years which is Sodium 22 Transmutation and Beta positive Decay synthesis of Antimatter. The Idea is in a particle accelerator you could transmutate Aluminum 27 into Sodium 22 by accelerating protons into solid Aluminum targets using a particle accelerator at 32 Mev which would produce the Isotope Sodium 22 from nuclear transmutation much like bombarding Solid Uranium 238 with fast neutrons making Plutonium 239. The formula for Aluminium 27 proton bombardment is (P+) + Al27 --> Na22 + He4 + 2(P+).
  4. I think that Trump made the correct choice here, rather than be lynched for calling a national emergency now he gets his wall.
  5. I have to say I have been reading your paper and I find it interesting that you think that there are plank level singularities in time-space, what do you calculate the energy of empty space to be as a repulsive or attractive force and what is the magnitude of it in newtons or joules. This was one of my earlier ideas behind a model I had made back when I was a undergraduate with Planck level singularities, How do the singularities form time-space have you worked out the geometry of time-space in this theory with planck level singularities in it.
  6. I agree that Vaccination is necessary for a healthy child and you should vaccinate against all the diseases that are mandatory for school and such, it is the proper thing to do as it is never known when those vaccines could help protect you against something or your child because otherwise you could have a life threatening disease if you choose otherwise.
  7. In any case, I wanted to add in did you know you could put the relativistic vectors in a very simple Killing Vector group in 4 dimensional algebra (Δx',Δy',Δz',1/Δt') = L[x,y,z,t](1-((V2[x,y,z,t]/C2)1/2)or in a 8 dimensional group taking the functions in coordinates right next to the variables such as (Δx',Δy',Δz',1/Δt') Function of V(Δx,Δy,Δz,Δt) , This shows the 3+1 dimensions of Special relativity in a single equation for all of them as a function of velocity so they could be displayed as such which shows the relativistic killing vector field which is ☐(Δx',Δy',Δz',1/Δt'), This will give
  8. Today, I wanted to talk about a possible way to make the cell detect cancerous defects within its DNA using a Viral Vector which has been gone over again and again how this works. The Protein that I would like to insert is a protein called P53 which is called the "Guardian of the Genome" this protein is the one that is supposed to cause the cell to commit apoptosis if it becomes genetically corrupted with mutations. Cancer is caused from genetic mutation of the cellular genetic corruption recognition system. So, if we insert this gene into every cell it will cause the cells to have the ability
  9. This is because the Quarks are confined by the Strong Nuclear Force is that they move more slowly along with have more Rest Mass.
  10. I was thinking and the Cytotoxic Cellular Paste's reproduction method has inspired me and I have designed a White Blood Cell Augmentation using the Viral Reproduction methods found in the Cytotoxic Cellular Paste. The Idea is that basically you could insert certain genes into the White Blood Cell's genome and making a Bacteriological immune system that actively hunts bacteria that extends from the White Blood Cell. Bacteriophage T4 Genome You can insert the genome for Bacteriophage T4 into the genome of a white blood cell without the Lysis part of the bacteriophage genome and have the whi
  11. It seems scientists have created "DNA Nanomachines" that can be used for gene therapy by scanning the DNA for defects to detect cancerous cells read more at https://www.news-medical.net/news/20190208/New-DNA-based-nanomachines-can-be-used-for-gene-therapy-of-cancer.aspx
  12. Remember kids, the apocalypse is caused by "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads." according to the bible atleast, so don't take satanic marks. "A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand,they, too, will drink the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the La
  13. you have angered me *begins to use Shadow Technology to edit the human genome in the past* Tomorrow on Ancient Alien it will say "New Report a Shadow alien on the scienceforums.com has taken credit for editing the human genome in the past".
  14. I would tend to agree that too many people think they are entitled to something, something to do with Modern culture we are given so much. I think this is this is the reason for movements such as this, but in reality it is true that the world doesn't owe you anything if you would have asked people that question 500 years ago, they would say that you owed this world or God something rather than anyone owing you anything personally. I believe this tends to show how spoiled humans have become as a species to think that the World owes them something that is false. Tomorrow a super advanced species
  15. There is no evidence that the human genome was edited by aliens, most of the information on ancient aliens is pseudoscience or has no evidence to back it up, what me and my friends used to call "Theory crafting" is all it is. I would take what the show ancient aliens as speculation and not necessarily the exact truth by any stretch of the imagination.
  16. This post was kinda a joke to see the reaction of the viewers, it was not a serious question,lol.
  17. I have had those before usually they end up hating me, *begins to grow his daughter with dog ears in a test tube*
  18. I agree with this, that it would take quite sometime for extraterrestrials to find and investigate signals coming from earth unless they had a ship passing through the volume in around 100 years of signals being generated by earth they have only traveled 100 light years, if there are species far away they are hearing stuff back from the 1900s most likely, but the milky way is 100,000 light year diameter so it will be quite some time for a species on the other side of the galaxy to notice humans by then we will likely be space-faring and simply just warp drive up to their planet faster than lig
  19. The first species to be discussed is the Grey Aliens which account for 40% of the UFO sightings on earth based on a sampling on total UFO reports which have small humanoid forms with grey skin which lack external human organs such as nose,ears, and sex organs so it is not known how this species reproduces itself possibility by a unknown or non sexual reproduction method. These aliens have been noticed to have unusually large heads compared to their bodies, Information link to wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_alien) It seems that has been much human contact with Grey aliens b
  20. Well from what I understand they have already done it so someone had to have allowed it. They created these embryos in the lab which exist probably in storage that are half human and half animal. I will see how this pans out if they allow it I will make a Half Human and Half Dog embryo. I just want to keep it as a pet or as a daughter if it is human enough, they will ask me in school which is your daughter..... the one with cat or dog ears, I made her that way, she will hear things from miles away. Could you imagine the superhuman hearing of having dog or cat ears?
  21. Well, first to start I am going to start exploring a subject in Science Fiction known as Exobiology which I would classify UFO hunters as Exobiology in a hope of insight into the Species of the Milky Way galaxy as we know there are hundreds of thousands to millions of earth-like planets in the milky way galaxy. There have been many reports of alien species that have interacted with humans along with many reports of Flying Objects called UFOs that are flying around Earth's skys, The Goal of this thread is to report and document in a scientific manner all information pertaining to Alien Species
  22. You would have to know how long the machine was running in order to determine total weight based on intensity of the proteins. What is your injected mass and the length of the protein that is venom and the length of the protein that is the other protein in base pairs. (Injected mass) (Length of Bee venom Protein in Base pairs)/((Length of Bee venom Protein in Base pairs) + (Length of Other Protein in Base Pairs)) = (Mass of Bee Venom) So let's say you injected a mass of 30 grams into the devices and the length of the bee venom protein in base pairs is 1500 bp and the length of the other pr
  23. Flummoxed is starting to piss me off with all this psychology bullshit do you even know what the hell you are talking about, stop saying people have random psychological disorders without knowing what the hell you are talking about go do analysis on other people that give a **** what psychological crap you think people have or take it to the psychology forum, this is the physics and etc section. I ****ing hate psychologist anyways, they don't know **** and tell you that you have something bullshit that is wrong with you. Now go the **** on before I show you the power of real science and get th
  24. Here is the teacher's guide book on Cation Exchange Chromatography for peptides which are protein fragments. https://www.gbiosciences.com/image/pdfs/protocol/BE-415_protocol.pdf Here are two Powerpoint on the process of doing it. https://slideplayer.com/slide/10135169/ https://www.slideserve.com/kemp/ion-exchange-chromatography Here is a journal on the process of doing chicken egg. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0021967305013506
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