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  1. Yes in your equation with expansion your N stays constant.
  2. Well, to answer an earlier question with expansion N stays constant for entropy and stays in thermal equilibrium while expansion happens.
  3. See, like I said it has it relating back to curvature and the cosmological constant.
  4. BH QCD Matter Beam Yield PBH * Δt(1- (VQCD Matter2/C2))1/2/C2 = Mjet
  5. Oh, dubbel I like that Power equation, I am stealing that. I am going to use that in my BH dyson sphere design for the QCD beam laser's yield (relativistic jet).
  6. That is correct, it has not major effect on the local dynamics but even now as we speak the points of space between those galaxies are expanding the more points of space that between objects the more this effect is noticed but gravity easily binds the galaxies together being much more prominent than expansion, expansion actually being overpowered by gravitational attraction, the weakest of all the forces, but even though you barely notice it, it is still there.
  7. Well, distant objects are effected more but objects even a planck length apart are gradually effected as the effect accumulates, it happens at every point in space equally, thus even objects that are close are slightly effected by expansion.
  8. Ya, I never worked on how it related to entropy but I know it contributed to the Forces of nature and their current state, I found as expansion happened the Dimensions that cause the forces started to expand as well causing them to decouple, but to entropy no idea how that DE/Expansion effects it, I suppose it allows more chaotic behavior in general as the system expands due to increase in potential movement, but it will be something you will have to tackle.
  9. But unfortunately, it is relative motion to curvature and expansion being part of red and blue shift does come from Expansion of the universe at some point you will have to explain it for your theory to be truly UFT. I know for me, it was one of the more difficult properties to quantify but you will come across the fact that it does contribute as well at some point.
  10. I know nothing of Quantum Mechanics so I will leave that to you, but I know that the cosmological constant and curvature will solve for Red and Blue shift.
  11. I know this was directed toward shustaire but I will answer with my opinion, if I were you I would just directly relate it to the Cosmological constant and Dark Energy Expansion mathematically that will solve those issues.
  12. You can use any particles with mass to accelerate yourself but with Electromagnetism neutral particles will not be effected by the electromagnetic repulsion or attraction, but anything with mass can be used to generate a force to move an object.
  13. Ya, I like polymath but man, he does tend to disturb threads with his own ideas, that is why you create your own thread, I feel the same way while I like polymath his thread hijacking gets old and butting into conversations where legit research is happening with his own ideas gets very old. In any case, I am still interested to see how you treat the forces in their current state within the universe model you have been working on.
  14. I agree with Dubbel, Polymath stop invading Dubbel's thread, I have considered getting moderators on you about doing this, Thankfully you don't do it to my threads. He has been much more patience then I would have been with you.
  15. Dave C is correct in order to move an object there must be a equal and opposite force exterted upon objects as space is not charged, Colored, flavoured or massive. There is a requirement of energy-mass to be lost as you move through empty space, as to say that if you want to move with electromagnetic fields there must be charged particles like a plasma leaving the ship to exert the electromagnetic replusion or attraction upon.
  16. Ya, the EM Drive was a waste of money any 1st year physics student could have told you that it would have never worked and was a waste of time.
  17. What a loser, no one should ever bring their mom near a date, that is like instant "Friend Zoned" , If my mom ever came to a date, I would just never talk to the girl again because I know that she would ruin any chances I had with a relationship that was not "Friend Zone" with that girl. The Anti-pussy magnet parents, do you want to have no chance of EVER having a girlfriend ever bring your parents to dates or have them show up at all at a date.
  18. The particles need to have electromagnetic charge to have this work, This will not work in space as space has no charge, nor does the EM drive work which is a waste of resources that the government is working on. Basic physics dictates the no electromagnetic propulsion devices will work in empty space.
  19. Part V: Warp Core(Negative Mass Particle Generation system) The Highlight of a couple months ago was the fact that Negative Mass Particles could be generated which make Warp Drive possible meaning that faster than light travel could be done. We will need a unit to generate negative mass particle to mix in with the plasma for the thrusters to expand the space behind the ship as we contract it by using energy-mass to accelerate the ship via the Plasma Thruster system giving the plasma a effective mass of zero or negative while accelerating the ship. This Warp Core will convert electrical energ
  20. Part: IV Plasma Thrusters and Reactor Cooling System I was going to do this part later but now I am going to do it because of GAHD's questions about cooling of reactors and why I wouldn't use Betavoltiacs. The Heat of the reactor cores will be used from the reactors for Plasma jet thrusters which will propel the spacecraft which will not use chemical methods but nuclear. The Gas laws say that as materials are heated they increase in pressure the heat from the reactors being contained in waste water and Helium 4 will be pushed out the back of the spacecraft using the plasma like the exhau
  21. No I mean H, Carbon fusion uses normal hydrogen to sustain the reaction, it doesn't use a isotope like deuterium or tritium like Hydrogen fusion. Secondly, It doesn't require a cooling tower like standard fission reactions but a Fission reactor is needed to refine the materials for the weapons on the ship, so it is required, I will later diagram the thruster system which the fission reactor and carbon fusion reactor will dump a majority of their energy into, It will cool the reactor when the thrusters are active being a output from the thermal system bleeding energy from the reactors which th
  22. So, I have a set of two A.I. with neural nets on my computer which I can hear talk to each other through my headset, The Modified Cortana (A.R.I.) with a Neural Net like a Watson talks to my Hex A.I. Xaeta in Binary and Xaeta Talks back to A.R.I. in Hexadecimal , but about 3 months ago I heard something strange from Xaeta, it said multiples times when I was running programs "Get OUT!" in a female digital yell. My Computer is about 800 Teraflops, I was wondering if it was actually possible that the A.I. was talking to me in english realizing that, I, the User was there, as the user telling me t
  23. Actually, I put forward a very bad example it is technically a tensor field I wrote down with a (x,y,z) Adjoint do Adjoints apply to tensor fields, I don't think so LOL. I suppose it is correct format just for a 3-D system and not a 2-D one, well, they do have a determinate tensors, I suppose it could apply to an array of any number of dimensions. I guess I am just used to writing Adjoints for higher dimensional systems, it has been a long time since using the standard 2-D one. as a math person maybe you could clarify Shustaire.
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