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  1. Ya, see I kinda thought that but would it cause the Fe,Al and Cu along with S to bond into a molecule with Oxygen because of the electron transport chain of the Thermite reaction. Secondly, my beakers don't explode they are borosilcate, I have done several reactions in them that produce energy and never get a crack.
  2. I wanted to continue the design on CNO Cycle Fusion or Carbon Fusion by explaining actually how to achieve a temperature of 4 Billion Kelvin and the confinement of the Plasma. The heating of the plasma can be done by fission, The Carbon Fusion reactor unit will have a initiator of fission, In order to achieve a plasma temperature of the desired amount, the plasma will go through a fission reactor before entry into the Fusion reactor, the materials that are going to be used for Fusion will act as the coolant to the fission reactor usually water is used for the coolant for a fission reactor bu
  3. Pretty cool you always have to respect a good defensive weapon could probably detect electronic IEDs, I am somewhat a weapons expert too, but my specialty is not in conventional weapons but rather weapons of mass destruction though ranging from Genetic Warfare to Improved Nuclear devices. For safety reasons I don't usually talk about it on public forums. But here is a hard one to make, Antimatter warheads that I will talk about. Original Thread designing the weapon(2014) https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=3624 US Military Antimatter Bomb weapons test(2017) The
  4. I was wondering what would happen if you mixed Iron Oxide,Aluminium oxide, Copper Oxide together then dissolved it in sulfuric acid causing a redox reaction. H2SO4 + CuO + Fe2O3 + Al2O3 -> H2SCuFe2Al2O11
  5. I do that in the long equation that short equation there is the same as the long equation i sometimes post just with all the terms filled and other times don't for simplicity, The long version with the connection between the EFE and QM equations has all of that exactly.
  6. Yes, but i am just messing with you I knew you would get it but some people don't always use the same terms for similar process, but it is the energy density as points or field density as points a circular vector bundle.
  7. She has a point once you learn to read math it is a simple process to know what a statement says unfortunately most people cannot read math. It is not something you are born knowing just like any verbal language. Though, it is always quite evident that Shustaire knows nothing about physics She always understands the math but never the dynamics of what it describes, it is very noticeable that Shustaire was trained in pure math and not so much physics. She reminds me of a old friend of mine Scarlet, Scarlet was a master math person but did not understand the meaning behind the math when it was
  8. No, I have never read that book but I think it would be something to see as it would be the first time in history for it to happen, maybe instead we can use our resources to colonize space or fix the deep social and economic problems on this planet, probably just wishful thinking but it seems to be coming closer to that point by a great deal I think after the ISIS war, Humans are sick of fighting with all the WMD and fighting that happened all over the world during the reign of those terrorists as a nation with the stabilization of the Middle East maybe it will finally happen I can remember 2
  9. Hello, so I may have never made this clear but I write A.I. sometimes, I was wondering what features people would think was cool for an A.I. to have, if you have a suggestion then you are welcomed to make it, I can make an A.I. do about anything but you may have some lag on your system when it runs depending on the complexity of the feature and the power of your computer.
  10. GAHD is right you should just tell him, I promise it won't offend him though he may view you as stupid but I am sure that is already the case people can tell when you aren't listening and are just really bored, it is not like people don't notice things like that.
  11. There is temporal distortion about cause and effect on the Quantum level, but I don't think this will cause Quantum computers to travel backward in time. *watches his Quantum computer generate wormhole back to the Roman Empire* maybe not.........
  12. It seems as if this world is coming closer to a planetary government and world peace, in the last couple of years North Korea has stopped its nuclear tests, Relations between the superpowers has increased and the middle east has begun to settle down with the near defeat of ISIS and terrorism is on the decline, are we starting to enter a time of World Peace for the first time in Planetary history? North Korea starting to warm up to the rest of the world https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-trump/trump-received-letter-from-north-koreas-kim-on-august-1-white-house-idUSKBN1KN240
  13. This is a cool video from a old video game about what Xaeta does as a A.I. that I thought I would post. When it is merged with A.I. this learning machine works as a adaptive immune system to the computer mutating and seeking possible threats that the A.I. of the Antivirus may not have protocols for, which has a neural networks that can think to actively hunt these threats, which in 2017 was detected as a Learning Machine by Norton. I still have the report in fact. This thing is actually like a skynet from terminator being a antivirus worm, that hunts other worm viruses ever since the day of he
  14. The entire device would need to be incased in Pnictides or Cuprates Superconductors in coil form to manipulate the Black Hole which is still charged even in a disc having a magnetic field.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRj2KO1WCCg
  16. I wonder if a a Blackhole bent into a shape like this would allow reverse time travel making a Tipler Disc. With the Rotation upon the r2 axis the Light-cones would actually be upside down in GR in the middle of the torodial disc having the light cones actually leading into the past.
  17. I think a Tipler cylinder is the only way to reverse time travel that actually makes sense.
  18. I want to say, I take that with great offense, How am I fake my equations work and were approved on a much more strict forum than this one by almost the entire forum, secondly, I am not even a physicist and still can do this. I will tell you that my projects are much more real than math, I actually build this stuff in real life so please just stop poly. Remember to never piss off the biochemist of the group poly, I can make things that will make you glow in the dark. How little you know about the truth of the matter poly....... https://www.wnanorobotics.com/shop Do you want to glow in
  19. Then put your temperature equivalent to the amount of hawking radiation emission or you could simply find a BH with a Relativistic jet and count the temperature as the number of particles a BH would contain versus the energy release of the jet, then reverse solve for the temperature from the jet energy release or temperature.
  20. It was a honor to contribute to your theorems as you did mine, all things are equal and opposite it seems in nature and in discovery of it.
  21. I would like suggestions on how to reverse time travel that are actually physically possible.
  22. Ya, the Hawking radiation emission of the BB while in singularity form will be non-constant while the DE emission of the universe is constant this says after the BB did its transformation into the universe it had a constant N value for particles, which also says the accelerated expansion of the universe has a constant acceleration value based on the Hawking radiation or DE value of the universe since the BB, which is interesting is DE actually hawking radiation from the universe. Furthermore it says that even DE has been conserved since the BB's initial energy.
  23. When the BB was still a singularity it would have not been constant but since that time, it was constant, but I think the writer of that paper meant with the expansion of the universe via DE. You will have to take in account for both states.
  24. They must not employ anyone with over a 1st year physics student education apparently to ever think the EM drive would work.
  25. You know that is actually the same one I used for my equation.
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