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  1. Of course, there is flow of dark matter and times of creation and generation of stars and dying of stars happen as they only last about 6 billion years being a galaxy with second generation stars is not that old, we happened only 3 billion years after the BB with one generation of stars before ours.
  2. Ya, I dunno what would actually happen if you radically change the timeline. I think it would paradox a new timeline. possibly where you were not born but you would still be stuck in the new timeline when you massively changed it and generated a new timeline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causal_loop
  3. Alright here is what I would do, Copy on a flash drive everything technologically that has happened for 1940 to 2018 then send the textbook back to the 40s. We would have nukes in 1941 effectively ending World War II in 1942.
  4. So I have a question let's say I gave you a Time Travel Device and sent you to world war two era Europe, what would you change in history there, I will tell you what I have cooked up to do If I had a Time Travel Device back in World war II later after some people have replied about what they would change back in the 1940s, but for now what if I gave you a Time Travel device and said it could only take you to World War II, what would you do?
  5. Good luck Dubbel I know that sometimes they get rejected and need to be revised.
  6. Maybe I have a dream of enslaving a dimension which has technology back in the 40s for dimensional sovereignty.
  7. Alright polymath what is the structure of a kugelblitz engine, you have said that term several times, what exactly is the thrust on one of those.
  8. dude, what you need to do is run a mile everyday.
  9. The Resolution of that telescope must be really good to notice the difference between the water and heavy water from that distance, but basically it shows that our current understanding of solar formation is correct that they found water being ejected from the middle of the solar system after a star forms.
  10. I don't think so and as a bachelor I take this as greatly offensive, actually, I believe Women to be insane which is why I am not married something to do with the insanity of the female species. All of a sudden I have Autism if I am not married in your view which is absolutely not true, It is us against them man, join the male winning side. I am perfectly happy getting women on the weekends to sleep with me then kicking them out in the morning, it is just because I don't want to listen to them talk and nag me. Women be like Sirens bro, drawing men in to eat their souls. I have seen good men ge
  11. Ya, lets reformat a HDD on a phone so many times that it travels you into another dimension.
  12. You know what Polymath you remind me of my friend Dan, he believes that aliens genetically altered proto-humans from apes with genetic engineering to make us become self aware. He always says "How did during an Ice Age did we lose hair if it was so cold out, wouldn't evolution and natural selection dictate that we gain hair, Obviously we were genetically engineered to lose hair". I don't necessarily buy into the idea that we were tampered with by Aliens during the beginnings of civilization despite the evidence that it could be the case. In which case we should be prepared to defend ourselves
  13. Ya, GAHD there could be some seriously high energy Cherenkov radiation coming off of the warp Plasma's Thrusters, it would need to be tested which could be in the gamma spectrum.
  14. Nuclear Reactions were used to produce those products which would have great pressure at 4 Billion kelvin or hotter. No Chemical reactions purely nuclear reactions.
  15. This is made possible my manipulation of the space's cosmological constant which is the expansion of space itself, which in EFE opposes curvature, The Premise is that if you change the expansion of space by a factor of an amount, the speed of light in that area of space will change by the same amount. The curvature of space can only in normal space with a set cosmological constant can only travel at C but in space with an increase expansion rate it is unfixed in that region of space-time thus you wouldn't be violating the speed of light of that volume of space but rather the space around
  16. Why thank you my thruster design does exactly this, it will be applied to the plasma thrusters, but the by products of Fusion and Fission are being used as the fuel for the thrusters, Superheated Plasma of Helium 4 and Water, which this method could be applied to.
  17. The Power source for these nano-machines will be a synthetic mitochondria which will metabolize Sugar into a combustion reaction, this device will be shaped much like a normal mitochondria but with several modifications that will combust sugar into energy and waste products to drive a nano-motor. The Synthetic Mitochondria will filter Sugar into the device using Nano-Filters much like the other parts allowing only this product and needed reactants into it. It will flow through the device pushing water into steam as sugar reacts which will turn nano-motors by compression through the Synt
  18. Ya, Virtual normally you need more information than that, First and Last Name along with City is enough to track down anyone in the world but you are missing one critical piece of information not even I could find this person.
  19. I guess, I have pets, Genetically Modified Pets...... 45 Chimera Bacteria/Fungus/Plant Habitat Millions of pets, aren't they cute. Chickenpox Vector habitat Multivalent Chimera Phage MV-3 Habitat(T2+T4+ะค174)
  20. This is a cool device, this could be very useful in bonding materials in Nano-synthesis of materials, if made small enough it would be interesting to put before the electron beam hits a molecular assembler forcing the electrons in a polarized state before bonding molecules, allowing a more smooth synthesis, I wonder if this could force bond into certain orbitals electrons by manipulating the spin of the electron before usage to make a bond.
  21. I would have to do the math but it could be too weak to actually support life the photosynthesis reaction, but then again all the bonds would indeed would be weaker, so it may just balance out. The Multi-cellular creatures may need to be smaller to exist then in our universe due to the lesser energy release of photosynthesis though the reactions would take less energy to happen thus I dunno there would need to be alot of math done, if you want to find out just take all the physics equations work your way up and see what it would be with a C constant 10% of its natural value, but I don't think
  22. Just wait, they are about to find out that the Hubble's Constant is non constant and depends on the amount of space between you and the object, by the gods, I told you dubbel, moments before it was changed and discovered. Give Medvil props, called it!
  23. To answer your question Exchemist, the K constant is a function of the speed of light so the K constant would be 90% smaller, thus the Electrostatic dimension would have 90% less of a pull or push. Everything would literally bend around the fact that C is 90% smaller.
  24. actually, health physically can be defined as the body producing all the right proteins without error, so basically your body needs to function at the peak of its ability all the time not making any mistakes so having all the proper materials to produce proteins are needed to be in your system always, a lack of any chemical substance for any length of time that is needed can start to greatly effect the body's ability to function physically, So it is always a balancing act between amount consumed of something and amount used for the chemical machinery our bodies are.
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