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  1. He just wants to be right is all, well, he has hit a brick wall, I have a Grand Unified Field Theory I know the way the universe works on a modeling forum it was created with 20,000 views.
  2. And I am telling you that time has to dilate the universe would not be the same without it for the reasons stated in the other thread. http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/35318-three-air-tight-reasons-why-no-object-can-ever-reach-an-event-horizon/page-3
  3. If you want to use them then use them but I am just saying that reality doesn't quite have them, usually the "Preferred Frame" is used to simply real universe calculations.
  4. Poly was not removed for being deranged but for Thread Hijacking, Moronium is fine, he just has questions. Actually, I believe Poly to be a true genius he helped in my wormhole metric and was most valuable. His Sitter and Anti-sitter solutions sit in my equations. If you want him to stop thread hijacking just confront him about it like Dubbel did Poly. It is only by Struggle and War that we discover our truth -Shadows
  5. If you are happy with that solution, I would rather explain what actually is happening exactly not what I would like to be happening moronium, It would be easier if there were a "preferred frame" even that CMB has a motion associated with it, it nothing is truly at "Rest". You can choose a "Preferred Frame" if you would like but that doesn't mean that there actually is in reality a actual "Preferred Frame" if that calculation detracts from reality then the "real" calculation considering all the variables will always trump that calculation in what we would hope to happen. Nothing is truly at re
  6. Yes, but there is no substance in that situation because all of the fields are missing in reality it doesn't work that way, it is a impossibility to reach 0 Kelvin as far as we know. It doesn't explain the way it actually is out in the universe, it retracts from reality quite a bit in a universe filled with fields and matter. If you ever reach a temperature of your "Preferred frame" then let me know because humans don't know what that is like, but nothingness is what "Rest" looks like. If you had a single other piece of matter in the universe the gravitational force would knock the item out of
  7. While 0 Kelvin would be a "Preferred frame" in reality it is much more difficult than you would think to reach 0 kelvin it has never been done just very close to it, in theory if you could reach 0 kelvin that would be IT, but in physical reality it would be impossible to reach that temperature. That would mean that there was not energy in the system what so ever in movement. Even below that you would have to remove all the Fields in the universe as gravitational attraction would instantly give it a movement above 0 kelvin.
  8. Well nothing can reach 0 kelvin even space has a fundamental movement to it with photons in it, hints the Cosmic Microwave Background.
  9. Everything is moving, there is no such thing as absolute rest. P.S., reread my responses I edit as you respond for clarification to the reader.
  10. There is no preferred frame it would only just be a frame without Energy-Mass, and I do, being at rest is a illusion. Furthermore, in the twins paradox the Time for the one in motion would be different thus the object would age at a different rate then the one moving more slowly. You must understand everything in constantly in motion unless it is at 0 Kelvin which is unreachable as we know, if you had a object at absolutely 0 kelvin it would age even more quickly than you or I. The twins paradox is not so alien as to say that things is motion have a different temporal velocity than you or I in
  11. Basically moronium it goes like this, If you compress space you are also compressing time and the size of both becomes smaller. The Compression is caused from Energy-Mass or what you call velocity and that is just how it works.
  12. Clocks are moving at different velocities Moronium, The Clocks do start to slow down or speed up due to velocity of motion along with the rate of time itself with the velocity of motion change. The entire universe will not change via this but the motion of Electron orbits and other things will actually start to display a different time change, it will take longer for a electron to orbit the atom in faster moving objects than slower moving objects, Thus even to a quantum observer you will view a slower time for that object then the rest of the universe or even other objects in motion at differi
  13. I agree with Dubbel as Energy can neither be created nor destroyed the amount of Dark Energy cannot be increasing thus it must be something to do with the elasticity of the universe, the gravitational attraction of the membrane that is time-space must be weakening with attraction to itself over time the same amount of energy is causing more of a stretching over time, unless there is truly more energy being put into the universe over time by some source such as another universe which could mean that Dark Energy from another universe is entering ours if the velocity of expansion is increasing, A
  14. I have listed it before but there are like 10 experiments that prove relativity works, google relativity experiments. Here are Three https://www.forbes.com/sites/chadorzel/2015/07/22/three-experiments-that-show-relativity-is-real/ Here are a few more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_special_relativity I think this is even more http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Relativity/SR/experiments.html
  15. The T-cell Metamorphic Gel is still fighting the chickenpox Virus as of 4/4/2019, So I dunno if the sickly little Chimera will get better, I will update this thread again later. Though, the T-Cell Metamorphic Gel, the healthy ones have reproduced there are more in the culture flask. The War between Chimera Cell vs Chimera Chickenpox Continues. at this point, I think the healthy ones have the antibodies to chickenpox, I may take a health set and introduce the Divalent MV-2, HIV/Chickenpox Vaccine against it, meaning to be immune to HIV and Chickenpox first you would have to take the chickenpox
  16. Here is a article about Super Soldiers that the US Army is working on and about reversible Super Soldiers, Read more at https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a23457329/augmented-super-soldiers-reversible/
  17. I got distracted from this thread, Yes I was wondering what the bond strength would be in a Silicon and Carbon bond along with what process generate them and lastly could they be generated by adding an electron to another material's bond such as with an electron-lithography device.
  18. I can tell you that the Absolutionists are dead wrong as there is vast amounts of proof that relativity is correct in its current state.
  19. Dark Matter possibly was not a dominate player in the early universe if Dark Matter is indeed created from sterile neutrinos or W.I.M.P.S. dubbel it would have taken this long or that much Dark Matter to have built up in the universe that we Infer by gravitational lensing to be out there, to have a understanding of why it took 4 billion years for a decent amount of Dark Matter to have be constructed we first must understand the synthesis of Dark Matter from that we could understand why it has taken that long. There is the possibility that it is an extremely rare process in the early universe t
  20. Sometimes Harsh criticism is apart of being a scientist it makes us able to usually eventually win a argument with a single post when it comes to theories we undestand because of how well we understand the subject sooner or later. All this to say relativity does happen but not necessarily as either of you understand it to be or even I understand it to be https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23331184-900-atomic-clocks-make-best-measurement-yet-of-relativity-of-time/ and https://www.sciencenews.org/article/atomic-clocks-einstein-special-relativity-symmetry-test I will challenge you both to
  21. Just say he is working on a upgraded form of a generic technology like a Phasing Kyber Crystals. Personally, you removed by favorite technologies which are Nanomorphs,Gene Engineering and singularity weapons. What about a Planetkiller that is unlike the death star using another thing besides a laser such as a Quantum Bomb Swarm or Nano-machine Swarm with Antimatter bombs in the nanite. Or a Metachlorinian Biological weapon to kill Jedi with high metachlorinian counts.
  22. There are no paradoxes in the physical universe otherwise it would rip itself apart and you wouldn't exist.
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