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  1. Well, about Frontier Internet, first to say that frontier internet is slow is a understatement, it is by far the worst internet to exist, I would dare to say that dial up services are better than frontier because at-least they actually work about 50% of the time frontier does not connect, then you call the hotline and they do nothing, there are outages about every month for days and the internet modems that they use disconnect randomly from a modern wifi cards in laptops about every 30 minutes. To say that frontier is unstable would be a understatement, which they charge about 30$ to 50$ or mo
  2. They just don't have anything better to do I guess, What is the applications of water on Jupiter...... None , I bet that research cost millions of dollars for absolutely nothing. What did they do launch like a water probe, lets see how many places we can find that have small amounts of water.
  3. so you two think that only minor advances are classified, interesting, I dunno I just wanted to see what people thought was classified, but if you know about it doesn't that hint that it isn't classified? I think that they hide quite a bit more information then you would give them credit for. When I think about classified technology, I always think of the story that my grandfather which was a Master Tech Sarg Grade Five told me about Superconducting computers back in the 70s which was obvious attempts at a Quantum computer 40 years ago. It would not surprise me today if they didn't have a worm
  4. Lol, Hilarious, as if I cared about what you thought or suspected, do we have a problem, exchemist?
  5. In any case, back to the subject at hand, you know what is really annoying is how the global powers always mess with each others affairs how different this world would be if they just learning to leave each other alone, it always generates a total mess. I will say that America and Russia are the worst about this. Slowly over time this has made me loathe, both of them quite some amount, I like China's attitude personally unless someone bothers them they don't try to turn things into a mess like RU and US do. The Euros tend to keep to themselves too even though they are always whining about coun
  6. What about A well-dressed, Well-heeled gentlemen with No Family, living in a toxic mansion.
  7. Thats fine exchemist, it will go public one day until they I don't expect you to believe this about the Aurora program but I have seen evidence that I do believe to be Nuclear powered aircraft that are still currently in research and production. P.S. , I guess you never realized that there is a whirlwind of wrath buried beneath this calm collected person unlike Hitlers hated people atleast these people did something.
  8. No, I know the difference that cruise missile is nuclear powered with also a nuclear warhead, the Tu's are still nuclear powered read all those articles, especially the last and first one. The other articles minus the first and last one don't directly say they are nuclear powered but hint toward it.
  9. They still do but I would have to show you a archive that may get me a FBI visit or something, but I promise they still do. The Russians and US don't normally talk about it for some reason, it sits in classified sections of research unfortunately.
  10. Unfortunately, I can not tell you without giving you classified information about the US, but I can be a dick and tell you all about the Russians doing it, Hold on. Here is about one of their crashed nuclear powered cruise missiles to start. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/23058/russia-is-hunting-for-its-crashed-nuclear-powered-cruise-missile-and-the-u-s-might-be-too A.I. nuclear jet, Russia. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/723671/Russia-Kazan-new-bomber-plane-AI-supersonic-nuclear Here are the chinese ones, which have new reports about it, but it sits in classified
  11. Well, that may be true in the U.K. that there are no nuclear aircraft but I can tell you that it is most definitely in development under the Aurora program, I have actually seen them where I live fly over before, most people think Mr. Flying Triangle is a UFO it is not, unlike the U.K. the price is not a object in the U.S., you have to remember that the U.S. and R.U. have significantly more resources than U.K. which is just an island. I am just telling you that is what is currently being worked on in the U.S. and R.U.
  12. Soon that will not be the case that the US War Machine runs on Oil, it has begun to switch to Nuclear as you may have noticed all the Naval ships have fission reactors now, The Air Force has begun to switch from Oil to Nuclear aswell, the Land army of the US still uses Oil that is correct though. The Russians have a Nuclear Powered Naval Force too, but are like the US still upgrading their aircraft to nuclear reactors but land based armies are still Oil based. Though, the Air and Naval forces of both countries revolve around usage of Low Yield Atomic Weapons and High Yield Conventional Weapons
  13. No, nothing so crude, I don't believe in such nonsense as God, I mean another World War with WMD this time when I say that term "Final Battle", such a war when it ends that the winner will be those left standing as apex predators who win as such that the only nation to go to space after such a war will be those that won with total destruction of all others that opposed the winner in a total war, no holding back such there there will be only one left, The type of thing that happens when truly advanced civilizations fight of near equal strength, but I must say that any Victory in such a conflict
  14. Both of your posts have been listened to and are fully understood but one of these days it is going to cause something very bad to happen which starts because of the Middle East and when it does right before it happens, it will start with the line..... "By Fire be purged" on the middle eastern peoples that cause this sort of thing then the final battle for who controls this world will happen, then there will be the largest total war ever seen each time they cause a international incident it almost happens the first part that preludes this battle. The Sad part is the Middle East knows not what
  15. It seems my original analysis was wrong as Russia and the US begin this dance of hostility again. How quick things can change. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-24/u-s-said-to-warn-russia-it-will-hit-assad-if-chemical-arms-used The Middle East be damned.... They always cause all the trouble on this planet. How do you instantly get two people nearly at peace to want to fight, get the middle east involved in the situation. Assad should know not to use Chemical weapons on the rebels that it would just start this again, even if both Russia and the US hate these rebels too breakin
  16. Thank you, but I would rather not publish this work yet, If I am ever in need of perfection on this, these devices must be "Perfect" to function correctly. I am not even close to solving how to make Nanofactories in real life but thank you, until they sit in a test tube, the work will not be written about outside of a unfinished work nor published, the patent I filed in 2013 doesn't expire until 2033, until then do not violate it by writing about this subject relating to Autonomous Self-replicating Nano-machines of the nature described in this post. Basically, to say in simple terms I would be
  17. I would wondering do you think there are technologies the people don't talk about which is only known to a select group of people, which are in other words classified?
  18. Hello, I am Victor Medvil your resident Mad Scientist,welcome. *gets out his big laser and test tubes*
  19. Well, I was wondering to myself last night what sort of person may be able to rule a planet and whether the power would corrupt them according the Lord Action it would, it seems a Autarch would be out of the question if you wanted a "Gentle/Merciful" Leader generally you would by what Lord Action thought see monsters seek to be the Autarch and control a planet with Absolute Power. It is a unfortunate thing when it comes to to the process of being a united planet such that power naturally corrupts, I wonder what that level of power to control the entire planet would do to a human mind/psyche.
  20. Some people say Absolute power, corrupts what do you think about the subject of people having absolute power? Do you think that Power has a innate corruption upon the human mind and psyche?
  21. That is a place that I would have never guess that water would be..... on the moon.
  22. I believe this to be true of many peer reviewed academic works, they falsify data constantly which is why I tend to even to be skeptical of peer reviewed works, half the time I don't know how they even got published, peer review and publishing is just a large money racket anyways. I have submitted over 30 papers to be published and I never published them due to the fact they wanted like 2 grand to publish the paper, I was like you are insane, then began to post of forums, free publishing. The Funniest published work I had seen in recent year was about odderons of CERN and how they discovere
  23. Here is something fun, you can take a World Volume of the sphere, V=4/3 π R^3 , put your lie coordinates on to the manifold V(N1,N2,N3,...,N∞) , This way you can form the shape over spherical tensor field with your root systems, which will make a SO group. The Geometry is 2π(Unitary Group)
  24. They did Quantum Teleportation at the philly experiment, that is the only reason why the ship was spotted at a different location after the experiment with people fused into the bulk heads and such. They cloaked the ship with a strong electromagnetic field like a magnetic wormhole, I actually once wrote a post about this. http://now.northropgrumman.com/quantum-teleportation-is-sci-fi-technology-in-real-life/ Magnetic Wormhole Cloaked space. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/is-this-magnetic-wormhole-really-a-wormhole.828763/
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