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  1. We need buffy, where is that slay power at, BUFFY SAVE US! but I would settle for GAHD or Sanctus
  2. Well, the thing about a black hole the acceleration of gravity in a Black hole is the strongest force being at the speed of light it can collapse the other forces before Black holes happen there is something called neutron stars and Black Holes collapse the Neutrons into a formless mass, fuzzballs are formless ball of gluons which is a proposed type of particle in the middle of the black hole as closed strings of the Strong Nuclear Force, but gravity inside a black hole is the strongest force even stronger than the SNF even the SNF doesn't reach C just very close to it if an object is acceler
  3. I think the admins should ban these spammers they are overtaking the forums!
  4. If there is a connection between Black holes like people speculate then the geometry of connected Black Holes could look like this. And the inside of a rotating Blackhole something like this. I did the geometry of a Black Hole Containing a Wormhole awhile back or a Wormhole Metric and these are what the graphic solutions looked like, unfortunately you can still not actually escape a Black Hole even if there is a wormhole present with the technology we currently have it requires you can travel faster than light. If you want to read the entire post about it with the Invariant Quantum
  5. To understand Black Hole you really need to use Beyond The Standard Model physics like me and Dubbel work on to fully understand what happens at the center but basically time ceases to exist, and there are no exits and it is concentrated mass, It is hard to explain but here is Black Holes in String Theory, but the Holographic Principal is part of that. http://web.physics.u...ings/bholes.htm Hawking Radiation in String Theory Model You can think of Black Holes as a gravitational Standing Wave that vibrates to emit hawking radiation then shrinks. Here is about the holographic Principal and
  6. Which those are called Quantum Numbers when you do that. http://chemed.chem.purdue.edu/genchem/topicreview/bp/ch6/quantum.html
  7. Spherical coordinates in Orbitals are a set of Quantum numbers that depict the orbital of the electrons, it is higher math made easy with the S,P,D,F, orbital system.
  8. Dubbel you should try applying your math to objects in the universe like you did with the Black Hole equations, it made them very useful rather than just a general equation maybe you should make more specialized ones, they would be easier to prove. I have been guilty of the same thing though so I cannot say much making general forms is just a better methodology to explain many things with one equation.
  9. Math is just a modeling tool, if you can math it in a certain way that doesn't mean it actually works that way, we model the universe but that doesn't mean the math explains the actual nature of the system.
  10. Well in an expanding universe g > 0 had to be the state of the universe otherwise how would you explain Dark Energy just as Λ > 0 , In a universe where there was no dark Energy I do not think there would be gravity because of the nature of dark energy as a kinda inverse to gravity somehow Dark Energy and Gravitation are connected via time-space, it is possible that Dark Energy is the conclusive force of the BB where as Gravity is the system trying to reach equilibrium like in thermodynamics. Dark Energy usually is in behavior like a negative mass to the reference point of all gravitation
  11. Well, basically as Energy-mass falls into the Blackhole part of the Energy-mass gets ejected due to the spin because as dubbel said the speed of the spin is only slightly less than the speed of light thus the spin force throws it out due to pressure of the Energy-Mass plus the spin of the Blackhole, it is like swirl around a cup of water then when the water spills out the top. The spin causes the water level on the sides of the cup to rise and pressure to be put on the sides of the cup.
  12. See this is how I know you have no idea what you are talking about "Beta Particles having a mass having a mass 1,000 times the mass of an electron".
  13. I guess it is your work and your theory, Continue then your works on Electromagnetism and Gravity are good I was just wondering what you would do with the SNF and WNF when you merged them in. This approach until you add them will never yield a Grand Unified Field theory you know. You will always be at the same level as Einstein and the Theory of General Relativity which is just Electromagnetism and Gravity but I do admit that gravity the electromagnetism are quite the same but not exactly. Gravity is much like Electromagnetisms without a negative charge unless you count negative energy theorie
  14. You are trying to model Gravity like electromagnetism, there are many anologs between Electromagnetism and Gravity but Gravity is a combination of all the forces, I realize you are just making a theory of Electromagnetism and Gravity but maybe you should look for inspiration from all 4 fours combined rather than work on it in parts such as you are doing not to say this is the wrong approach but gravity is Energy-Stress from Mass and the other 3 forces maybe you should treat it as such, try a equation in this form. (Energy Stress) = Mass + SNF + EM + WNF or Angular Momentum with the sam
  15. Ya man, Screw football I'd be watching to see if any of them made it. Depends what machine guns were used but I don't think they would make it. In any case, the liberals would **** a brick if that happened. The Border wall is much more civilized than that, that would be down right cruel not to mention bloody.
  16. I have a very different view of humanity ever since I was young I wanted to go to space and Mars along with be Immortal, it seems this species is highly working all three thus I really love our species for doing exactly what I wanted I can't wait to be a Immortal Space Robot or Nanotechnology enhanced human in space after the singularity, Now if it doesn't happen then this species is disgusting and makes me want to destroy it for lying to me. Immortality and space I can dig that, I fully understand the want for both of those things. Humans will always be that Scientific Warrior species that I
  17. They are ranting and raving about the Border Wall wait until they see that, moronium.
  18. Are you downs syndrome, No holes form in the material it is Alpha Particle radiation you should really learn something about science before coming to a science forum and saying things like that. It makes you sound very uneducated.
  19. The unit a light year is a measurement of distance but you would to find the distance in another unit need to take the Speed of Light per second in that unit then the second to year conversion then times 4.22 ly.
  20. This is a weekend feature on the reality that Warp Bubble could be possible to make in real life and about the feasibility of Warp Bubbles, read more at https://dailygalaxy.com/2019/03/warp-bubbles-nasa-manipulating-spacetime-to-achieve-faster-than-light-travel-weekend-feature/
  21. What do you mean justify the existence of, it is a set of a Up,Up, and Down quark suspended in the Strong Nuclear Force I don't know exactly what you mean that is justification enough.
  22. This is Correct! Yes, GAHD is correct in this basically the protons originate from neutrons most likely then decay to protons via Beta Minus decay neutrons originator from the Big Bang when the Quark Gluon Plasma cooled down and Quarks are a emergent property of Energy to Mass conversion, the Quarks just popped into existence from slowly moving(Lower Temperature) Quark Gluon Plasma making their triplet and thus Subatomic Particles such as Neutrons then Electrons and Protons after Beta Minus decay. The First Hydrogen atom could have actually been created directly via Beta Minus decay of n
  23. Actually Protons are quite stable with a Half life of 1032 Years and a Hydrogen Atom's Nucleus is also quite Stable and As GAHD said the EMF or Electromagnetic Field is what is pushing the protons which do indeed accelerator at varing rates based on their Mass as the Charge of isotopes are not different but rather the mass thus the heavier atoms accelerate more slowly, So I am uncertain to what your problem is with modern physics protons are commonly known to exist via hundreds of different experiments like neutrons which are much more unstable.
  24. Frankly, I support Trump in what he is doing he is trying to protect the United States and West from the influences of other nations that may seek to destroy or harm these people with Advancements in Nuclear Weaponry along with military equipment. In the Civilian Sector he is attempting to stop illegal immigration with his wall and promote Nuclear Power around the World as a Green solution and Coal/Natural Gas that has profitable outcomes. Personally, I like my Country's current president as he seem to do as he says unlike many other politicians in the United States, furthermore he finished th
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