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  1. I don't own a yacht but if he gives me 4 billion dollars from winning the lottery 16 times in a row I will buy one. Lol, I am sure, Damn that is some sharp logic there A-Wal. Well, I'll up the reward, if soulcreator gives me 4 billion dollars from winning the lottery 16 times in a row I will buy a private cruise ship and you can ride on it too.
  2. Actually, we have a test for you me and four of my buddies came up with it. To believe you are God and not crazy able to make earthquakes which we don't care about that. We want you to have a person give us 1 billion dollars each being 4 billion dollars to a man named Dan. If you give us 4 billion dollars we will believe you are god without question as God this should be well within your power if you are able to make earthquakes. If you can see the future it should be not problem for you to guess the lottery numbers 16 times in a row then give us 4 Billion dollars to prove you are God. We will
  3. Whatever man, I don't give a ****, stay ignorant. Basically from what I understand you are just a troll anyways so like I don't care what trolls think, they are just there to be a annoyance anyway. I don't care if you believe in aliens or not, I am telling you I saw one and it looked like that picture take it for what it is. Ya man, I don't care if you believe that I saw one or not, it doesn't matter to me, I know that I saw one and that's all that matters, Stay in your ignorance and sheltered point of view. I live in a nation of sheeple, so a sheeple Canadian doesn't really mess with me too m
  4. Nope, however I grabbed a laser pointer and pointed at it, I guess I should have grabbed my phone. The laser pointer did not go through it. It literally looked something like that picture.
  5. Na, don't listen to these guys I'll pay you 2 cents a hour to write my papers.
  6. Awww, that's cute that you think I am sane, but I don't seek attention, I just use my abilities which gets me attention. I am 99% certain that I saw a alien, no bullshit.
  7. https://www.scienceforums.com/profile/94080-dubbelosix/
  8. Well, the evidence of aliens being observed is less than conclusive but I am pretty sure I have seen a Grey Alien myself once, That's what I go off of that I have actually seen what I consider to be a alien. Do I think that there are aliens on Earth? Yes, after seeing one at 2 AM. It is something you would have to experience yourself. It looked like this
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