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  1. Sorry, let me change the phrasing of that, "Would you kindly go and **** off".
  2. Good Luck better get on that. Though if someone else funds something you will get pennies on the dollar for your work. I was never happy making pennies on the dollar for anything so I do things myself and don't ask for money from anyone unless I am selling something. Just don't use anything that I have designed and I don't care what you do.
  3. Well, I don't really give a **** how it's done, I did it the way I did it because I thought that way had the most evidence of being correct and ease of doing it. If you have a different method that works then go for it.
  4. Well and I'll be frank I don't think you can actually do it, by my methods I know it can be done. If you do it then that's great I don't give a **** as long as it's been constructed and sitting there. I always get ****ed into doing everything anyways it would be great not to have to do anything.
  5. No, I mean literally build it I would add it to my collection of exotic devices.
  6. That's fine I don't really care how you do it then build it! It's just like I told the dude in the YBCO Synthesis thread(https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36798-synthesis-of-ybco-superconductor/), ****ing build it then.
  7. For Non-Organic Nano factories all you need is something that can draw on a scale less than 1 nm but unfortunately there are no devices that can make something smaller than 5 nm. I am waiting for technology to catch up for that one, but the organic nanobots/organic Nano factories have already been created, all that requires is a oligonucleotide synthesizer. They have been built and are sitting in a safe in cold storage. All a Von Neumann Probe would need is Nano Factories to build the spaceship, 1 Nano factory turns into trillions over several replication cycles then constructing it. None the
  8. This Thread has been corrupted and is deemed ripe for destruction by the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36136-building-a-supermassive-black-hole-dyson-sphere-continued/) thread.
  9. This Thread has been corrupted and deemed ripe for destruction by the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/31185-1000x-neutron-bomb-planet-killer-device/) thread.
  10. This Thread has been corrupted it is ripe for destruction by the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/34375-nano-factories-discuss/) thread.
  11. This thread has been corrupted it has been deemed ripe for destruction by the (https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/34375-nano-factories-discuss/) thread.
  12. It seems with moderation gone the Science Forums will fade into crackpottery and lunacy, It is the now what I deem the months of the crank as the science forums fade into the darkness of a new era of crackpottery. All the demons once suppressed by the moderation shall be released into a unsuspecting science forums. It is the job of every citizen to suppress the crackpottery by generally telling them they are crackpots and crackheads.
  13. I always have to deal with the batshit crazy people that come on these forums, I am starting to really get sick of it. Being on these forums have made me lose like all faith in the intelligence of humanity, basically now I assume like 99.99% of population suffers from some form of mental retardation or maybe just the people that come on this forum...
  14. I'll let Dubbel handle you, You have wasted several hours of my time.
  15. More Crap that is nonsense, where is ocean when you need him?
  16. You aren't anything and you don't matter, no one gives a **** about your crackpot theories, welcome to reality.
  17. If that were true you would be famous and millions of people would be hanging on your every word along with you would be rich, you just aren't that good. You are just some random crazy *** dude posting on a forum that doesn't know ****, just about as crazy as that Obiqueweapons/soulcreator dude that thought he was God and created all life on the planet along with could see the future and cause volcanos to erupt at will. This crazy ****er also thought that jews were trying to overthrow the afterlife and that there were afterlife receptors that would transmit your consciousness to the afterlife.
  18. That's the Dunning-Kruger effect talking, you are just not that good. This is laughable, if you were that good at math you wouldn't be talking on a forum.
  19. Keep telling yourself that, I hope it makes your fragile ego feel better, to think you are superior to everyone and No, I didn't fail algebra. Please go read the crackpottery and Dunning-Kruger effect thread(https://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36852-crackpottery-and-dunning-kruger-effect/).
  20. No, not people like you maybe people like dubbelosix however you just spout crap that is useless and has no relation with reality.
  21. I don't care about how good or bad I am at math, math is just a tool that allows you to predict how stuff works, I make physical items and not math equations that have no physical value or material worth, you cannot construct a math equation and use it to shoot a laser beam and kill someone.
  22. I use stuff that I know works and has been proven to work, unlike you that seem to use just random bullshit that you make up that has never been proven to work.
  23. What pseudoscience? Basically all the **** I post about is proven correct by millions of scientists.
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