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  1. Or at least show me what part seems wrong to you. please. May i ask your opinon on another thing. it is about black hole and dark matter. How i see a black hoel and galaxy around it all galaxy objects like asteroind, planets stars have a layer like stracture.Most likely black hole too. As i see it lairs is 1C-2C-3C-4C-5C-6C divided be speed of light (particles found in big colider most like particles from first lair, they stable there, stable at high speed/pressure),the deeper the heavier. (lairs example-lie earth or sun lairs havier to center push lighter up top) Particles constantly fusion
  2. the way to test i think it can be tested with neutrino detector, assume to my theory neutrino interacting with core of our planet, be meshuring difference in neutrinos from day time, and night time (core lined with sun and detector) if my theory correct night ammout will be about zero.
  3. Still need help with this theory, hope it more understandable now. How to make formula out of it? how to check it out? Best regasrds
  4. If speed of light is limit in energy exchange between two points, then two point can not interact if relative speed more then speed of light. like 0.1C see/interact 0.2C, but 0.1c not see/interact 1.2C. for darck matter - 0.1C see/interact 0.5C, 0.5C see/interact 1.2C. so we know some think there but not able to see in strait, but we see it interaction with staff around it. (by position of dark matter in our galaxy i assume it is particles emmited by black hole) For multiverse, you most likely know Einstein experimet with elevator, from inside of elevator realy hard to tell the speed of eleva
  5. was writing it when wery tired. What part is un understandable? one more time speed of light is maximum speed for particles in vacuum, also it is a maxim speed for energy exchange between two points a limiter for straight communication between two points it is good explanation for dark matter and for multiverse how to test it? Best regards
  6. yes it wasn't Look i come to this forum for help, for some one smart, for formulas e.t.c. do understand how to test my theorys. about energy exchange is main one. how it look --- if difference of point (c=e/m) and another point (c=e/m) more then speed of light they will not interact ( most likely i invert e=mc2 wrongly) a example test is --- throw spme thing realy hot in some stationary realy cold (so C will be more then speed of light) in this case they will not interact so they bouth exist in our frame of reference but do not exist each other frame of reference. So please help me with it,
  7. I think they can, space-time after big bang is theory too. Another thing,why most people think black hole suck all in?Biggest attractor yes. Suck all in no! why? most matter do not massive/dense/E to low to dive in. Most of it destroyed at approach and thrown to edges of galaxy where it form again as hidrogen. Emission match bigger then most people think. This particles travel to edges with faster then light speeds, so we have mass that we can not see. i am also using light speed as energy exchange barrier, limit of two points interaction. as i post before. This is another theory, it it exp
  8. Imagine two points (simplest molecules) in in an absolutely empty space, nothing but this two points. No matter how far you have placed them, they start to attract each other. (identical initial speed) The bigger the distance you place them, the bigger the speed they will get before collision. If placed far enough collision crate will big bang. alot of new quarks and other fancy staff Yes, universe/galaxy from two hidrogen atoms. Most likely it do not sounds realistick to most people, my minde picture this with no problem. this example can be calculated for our galaxy. What part of it sound no
  9. Thank you very much for your time,it helps me a lot. it interesting explanation. You know what doble slide experiment show? photon travels IN some kinde of wave, with it. therefore interference pattern remains even if you send one photon time. observing break a interference pattern do to interfire with it wave.(most likely gravitational or magnetic)
  10. Then, what wrong with it? Please, give me some names or places where i can read about it. 2)i am assuming - when exchange of energy between two points occurs, the path which energy followed is the path of least resistance. always everywhere-therefore I consider this a universal law. 1)energy exchange between two points max speed is C. Or C is max for energy flow. linguistic barrier problem may be here
  11. This is good response, but you grab wrong point of theory. i assume that speed of light is energy exchange speed limit between two relative points, more then particles speed limit (example) assume our universe movin, and speed can be from one to infinity. do not matter for us, we do not feel it whatever it is. other universes moving too,they do not interact, mopst likely due to relative speed to each other, like 2c and 100c. (thought experiment with an elevator, but on biger scale) What about second theory Energy exchange take least resistance path. seems like i am right. i need to publi
  12. You can call me -Mr. Melon- if you want. But what about this theories?
  13. I want to share with you couple theories or laws of the universe. !!!Want to know your opinion on this !!! 1)The speed of light is not motion speed limit it is energy exchange limit. Example = no matter what two points speed is, if the difference less than speed of light they can interact\exchange energies. If difference more then speed of light points will NOT interact\exchange energies.Pass through each other without any consequences. (adaptable to the work of the brain, to any aspect of the universe) It is a key to multiverse. 2)(adaptable to the work of the brain, to any aspect of the un
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