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  1. The above is the first Divine equation that occurred to me today. I have channeled it. God can be communicated with. The first signs of His existence in History will become apparent soon enough. I have the conceptual equivalent to a mathematical equation proving the existence of God.
  2. God's emotional wealth is contingent on us as the maximization of utility with respect to self-configuration. Thus telors play an essential role in existence. As human requests for promotion of their own well-being may be granted if they work in harmony with generalized utility, the primitive parts of our brain may sometimes get the better of our decisions. This may not necessarily lead to sin but sin itself only has minor effects when considering its impact on global utility. Not to mention blind nature is the dividing line between us and God. But memory carries with it the burden of imprint.
  3. I see the moderators have moved my threads to silly claims forums in their customary ego stroking style of moderation. They would then be able to dismiss my threads as non-sense instead of considering the serious implications they have to be considered worthy of scientific scrutiny.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKr91v7yLcM - In Quantum Mechanics, all particles in the universe are described by a wavefunction. - The particle properties such as position and momentum have no existence until they are observed. - The higher amplitude of the wavefunction is the most probable location of the particle. - The more knowledge we gain about a particle's position is determined by the sum of the waveforms of the wavefuntion. - Less momentum of the particle is indicated by a longer wavelength of the waveforms. - The combination of different waveforms give a new wavef
  5. I suppose that would enable you to dismiss it as a delusion. However it was the real deal.
  6. I have persistently stated that I have had vivid experiences of the supernatural. I want to know your experiences and accounts of them if any. They cannot be anything subjective. I will start... I have never once seen a demon. Rather, I have sensed their presence nearby and heard them from afar. But you may ask "since there was no direct contact how can you be sure"? To which I would answer, "I was perceiving a higher dimension which I was absolutely certain of which included an all-encompassing entity (God obviously) who provided protection from said demons via vocal requests". What form or
  7. God realizes itself. It carries itself into existence.
  8. Every set is a subset of the universal set: A ⊆ U. Reality is the subset as well as the powerset of itself: R ⊆ R(S).
  9. God is G and R is reality. G = R due to the above statement (in the title). G ϵ R and R ϵ G (this denotes the reflexivity between G and R). If R ϵ G (If reality is an element of God) then G ϵ R (then God is an element of reality.) R ϵ R (reality is an element of reality since it is none other than itself) Therefore G = R.
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