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  1. One question, that people often wonder is what it would feel like to be in a superposition of dead and alive. However one could make the argument that there would be no sensation, since you would not be alive to experience it(similar to quantum suicide). This might suggest that when not observed humans could be both dead and alive and not even know it(according to copenhagen interpretation). Please tell me your thoughts on this concept, I am looking for feedback on ideas for mine which feature in my scientifc papers, and I am trying to see how valid the ideas are.
  2. is it possible that dark matter could be the matter from the particles being in superposition, which could manifest through the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics?
  3. One of the main problems with solving the measurement problem, is the problem of quantum decoherence. This is a problem because it makes it difficult to distinguish between whether it was the decoherence effect or the act of measurement which caused the wave nature of particles to disapear, in experiments such as the quantum eraser experiment. However an experiment has been concieved which distinguishes between the two, in order to determine the cause of wave function collapse. It does so by controlling the process of decoherence(as best as possible), and then observing the wave nature of the
  4. Since we have not yet detected objects in more than 3 dimensions, it should be safe to assume that you cannot
  5. I guess you are right, wrong use of terminology
  6. This is a new interpretation of quantum mechanics involving multiple dimensions, from two papers on OSF preprints. Tell me what you think of it. New interpretations and thought experiment in quantum mechanics 1 Introduction Throughout this article a new interpretation of quantum mechanics shall be explored. It postulates that the Schrodinger wave is a physical object, but it’s description is incomplete, since the Schrödinger equation/ wave function is only describing the three dimensional aspect of the wave. In summary the outcome of the wave function we observe is the outcome that e
  7. Please tell me what you think of the ideas presented in this preprint specifically its interpretation
  8. Tell me what you think of this thought experiment: How significant are our decisions? Are they meaningless, as in they are determined, and we are just objects set in motion with no control of our destiny. Or are the decisions we make ours and we are therefore in control of our own destiny? One such area in physics which might set light on this is quantum mechanics, and in particular the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment is an experiment, in which either electrons or photons are fired towards a two slit assembly, resulting in an interference pattern emerging. This experimen
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