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  1. The most global joke is that no meaning of life exists. There is not even a concept such as "destination." The universe, when creating life, does not wonder what this life should pour into. This is logical, because having assigned each person a specific meaning of existence from the start, the Universe deprives us of two things that it itself provides us with - the right to choose and freedom. This concept, to put it mildly, looks wretched, and the Universe can act only ingeniously, therefore its whole idea is to provide a person with a testing ground for experiments, be sure to check out
  2. If science is considered as a combination of facts, theories and methods collected in the textbooks in circulation, then scientists are people who more or less successfully contribute to the creation of this collection. The development of science with this approach is a gradual process in which facts, theories, and methods are compiled into an ever-increasing stock of achievements, which is a scientific methodology and knowledge. At the same time, the history of science becomes such a discipline that captures both this sequential increase and the difficulties that prevented the accumulation of
  3. Braille is the only tactile writing system. It was invented in 1821 by a blind Frenchman Louis Braille (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Braille). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am engaged in the design of websites, digital marketing. Also, I write the articles for this blog. In addition, I write term papers and essays, I am pleased to offer high-quality services at affordable prices.
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