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  1. Everyone has life long goals/dreams, but many of us don’t achieve them (we procrastinate, and follow inefficient routes). One of the sources that block us from reaching our goals is the way we train up our emotional state. Why do our brains have emotions? To start explaining from zero… DNA is a molecule which contains the ingredients to manufacture our bodies. The competitiveness of the environment pressured this molecule to evolve in a certain way, so that it could engineer a human. The brain is the organ which coordinates how the other parts of the body behave. The framework of the brai
  2. I am always curious about the future. How will things evolve? How much fun and opportunities will arise? Specially in technology, everything is improving so fast! I have been thinking about it and i will tell you the most important breakthroughs that are highly probable to happen (they are my life goals too) for the next 50 years (and how they relate to technology). 1 — Quantum Computing I always hated being limited by classic physics (one of my greatest fears). Quantum theories have expanded the horizons a lot. One of its greatest practical uses is computing. It’s so fascinating ho
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