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  1. Thank you “exchemist” For the detailed explanation. At the risk of pushing a Forum “no-no” boundary, but since you opened the doorway, I will admit to being a creationist, who happens to believe that the “big bang” is completely logical, (imho) and merges (for me) the findings of science, with the limitless Omnipotent character of a Superior Being, (God) who did it all. I realize I’m probably a rare breed, but it is what it is. Anyway, back on topic, -400+ degrees, is pretty darn cold!!
  2. I’m one of those folks we never paid attention in science class back in school. Now at 61 years of age, I have been inspired by the likes of people such as Neil Degrasse Tyson. I suppose over the years I have paid attention to scientific concepts and principles, but I haven’t tried to dissect or decipher them. I HAVE spent a certain amount of time studying the stars, at least as far as being able to identify constellations and so forth, but that’s about the extent of my cosmic journey. I could show somebody the big dipper and Orion and maybe even the Little Dipper if I’m lucky. I could poi
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