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  1. Here’s the other thread that discusses this idea. http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/18493-weight-powered-car/?p=263380&hl=+rubber%20+band%20+cars&fromsearch=1&do=findComment&comment=263380
  2. To exchemist “I'm not clear what the setup is. How does the falling mass transfer a force to accelerate the car? You mention a string attached to an axle. How does the mass fall, over what distance does it drop and how is it attached to the string? Are you using anything to multiply the length of time for which the mass pulls the car, i.e. less force but pulling the string for longer, e.g pulley or gears etc? ” The mass is connected to one end of the string. The other end of string is connected to a small pin that is nailed into the wooden rear (dowel) axle. It is then wound tightly around
  3. I’m posting this again as the other thread is really old and I have more questions about how to build one. This is a project for a high school physics class. Here’s the general instructiona: I need to make a car powered only by gravity/a 1kg mass. The 1 kg mass must fall and power the car. No spring, electrical, chemical, elastic etc power. ONLY GRAVITY. The mass and everything else I use, must travel with the car (although I am creating it so the weight drops off once it falls the distance between the top of the car and the ground.) It must travel 3 meters (32 feet). Right now I have a ca
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