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  1. Oranji-woman Your basic problem with using gravity as a power source is always going to remain the same: it degrades by friction or the gravity is so strong as to take over. Also, think of a hydroelectric scheme: there, other energy sources drive the conditions to a gravitationally useful state.
  2. The real "problem" about understanding gravitation is the same as when Newton was asked, "What is it?" All we really have are descriptions and suppositions about how it behaves.
  3. From what l learned in history, the First Century disciples and 'saints'(which meant those that received baptism) thought of themselves as Jews in religion but also believe that they should now be the leaders in the religion. They also suffered from a lot of harassment --as Polycarp attested to. Most Jews didn't follow them. So as time went on and new generations came into existence by the Third Century they thought of themselves as 'new era' and adopted things to more and more separate themselves from the Jewish communities, especially in Alexandria and Carthage. This is when adaption of He
  4. Your 'answer' is in the cone and geometry. Leaving out reaction kinetics, from any direction a particle hits the cone wall, momentum will be transmitted to the cones apex.
  5. l did some reading on this. What to me is most interesting is the use of software to over-arch hardware's material "programming"; and the manipulative use of "kernals". The Verge has an article on this. Also check krebsonsecurity for an introductive article.
  6. Take the volume of the oceans and divide by the land area --assuming all ice is to be on land. Multiply by the expansion of water-to-ice.
  7. Your thesis about churches being an "arm of gov't" is, recently, correct. At first the Church had to gain legitimacy in the 4th Century and then faked things like the Donation of Constantine. Beginning with the Middle Ages the Church was essentially the only "state" structure as Europe was self-agonizing feudalistic (from the mosaic and conflicting feudal oaths). Skipping some things. The rise of independent national states begins with Henry Vlll and the rise of 'national churches' assisted by Lutheranism. This was enforced to keep masses of people from killing each other --like the Thirty Yea
  8. While this is against 'chr!stianity', lt is definitely Against Churches. l was reading the gospels and saw a pattern and then did some research. Depending on the translation you read the 4 gospels have the phrase "son of Man" 200+ times in the Bible and 80+ times in the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). And almost entirely, Jesus described himself this way. The phrase "son of god" occurs over 50 times in the Bible and nearly all these occur in the Four Gospels. Almost every time it is Satan, "unclean spirit", devil, etc who says "son of god". So why do "christ!ans" -most a
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