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  1. I can use a renewable energy battery than can offset torque any amount I want the one to one is just a recommendation because the renewable energy battery only lasts 1 year , but just look at the torque difference This has 12kg cm[* Spam link removed *] This has 2.0kg cm[* Spam link removed *] exactly the same motors
  2. I made a clock charge a battery and im just looking to keep it wound and really im not into insults so try and lay off the rubbish cant be done stuff., this isn't an argument so please reframe from arguing if you don't agree then don't answer , if I wanted I can easily use a battery to accomplish what I am trying I am just trying new ideas,
  3. So I am from a white and black family so therefore I have no history except what people around me do. I am not white or black so everything they have said is new to me and to say the least they aren't very nice people. So in my struggles that has put me on the street which it never should have, I made a wind up clock charge batteries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX34d7zC9SQ&feature=youtu.be but white and black people aren't impressed with their work, their offspring and I mean nothing. Even putting a hand crank dynamo phone charger on a clock got me attacked a
  4. I think its excellent and I think it can be accomplished when research into emotiv is done to find out the frequencies of the brain. I am certain the brain operates identical to a radio or television and you can change the signals of the mind identical to a television. Although people think it is their mind that is making emotiv tell the object what to do the truth is it is emotiv that is allowing the brain to tell the object what to do and when it is perfected emotiv will pick and choose what the brain is allowed to think, just like when people believe their brain told the machine what color
  5. it said that a spur gear : Spur gear produces higher speed but with less torque. so it has less torque than lets say a planetary and operate at the same rpm makes lots of sense, there has to be gearing that has less strain and works at the same rpm especially if what you say is true that it does violate the laws, what never stops to amaze me is no one is even trying the guy from maxon said without question he could make it work by putting more or less coils on a motor to equal another its amazing no one is trying
  6. I am in the finishing stage of a long project and in the last stage I am trying to make a 1 to 1gear head increase strength It is very burdening doing alone which is why I am posting here it has benefit to science because it makes something of lesser strength give more strength at the same speed and faster than the object giving it strength, like if the heart was beating slow it would make the heart beat faster without increasing pressure on the heart, or hopefully somehow it can be expanded the motors are the same so the 2kg can move the 12 kg at the same speed[* Spam li
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