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  1. I "have found" is explained the following way: Time is the comparison of motion of physical means. You use the regular motion of a physical mean and you compare it with the motion of other physical means. Example: the rotation of earth. The rotation of earth is a regular motion. You compare this motion with your traveling from New York to South Carolina. With stops for eating, bathroom needs, relaxing the body, you left New Your at noon on Friday and arrived to South Carolina at noon on Saturday. This is to say, a complete period of an earth's rotation. This is time, nothing but this
  2. Very well said. I will copy the challenge. $1,000,000 for the scientific demonstration that time exists physically. Having in consideration that if time is not a physical entity, then time can't dilate at all. I have found that time is just a measure, a concept, not so part of the structure of the universe. In order to accept theories implying flowing time, dilatation of time, possible reversal of time, and more, by applying the scientific method, it calls for the demonstration of evidence of an existing time before recognizing the multiple results obtained by the subjective presence
  3. In my opinion relativity is a fade invented a century ago. Relativity still is surviving because it has been mixed with other theories, but you isolate relativity and it is found to be just a good for nothing theory. Magnetism is just microgravity Gravity is motion in action. Nothing in this physical universe is "at rest". The status "at rest" is just an invention to justify formulas in a theory. Electromagnetism -as is found in the first message of this topic- starts with motion of electrons inside the electric current. See quote. The mechanism is simple to explain: Mot
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