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  1. what were you playing with and what part of it made you irritated that you had to shut it up
  3. so you research your memory, cool but, exactly what is the process?
  4. Yes i do think there are strong emotions tied with 'i don't know', why don't you help me identify them so that i understand better
  5. not really because i am not sure too, what do you think, is length and distance unscientific
  6. But the thing is you wont be able to because my phone will rip your brain apart, that's how powerful it is
  7. NO, what are your feeling's towards 'I don't know', maybe that will help me better understand emotions behind 'I don't know'
  8. I never knew their was a feeling associated with 'I don't know', maybe you can tell me what you would like to discuss about and the feeling associated with 'I don't know'
  9. According to the National Geographic Society, it states 'It is more than 400 kilometers (249 miles) long and 2,500 meters (1.5 miles) thick. The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest block of ice on Earth.', if this information is helpful i am glad to help
  10. So you are helping Hazlem in biochemistry behind her research finding, that's interesting, so if you don't mind, may i ask you where you do your research to answer her research finding so that i can do a little research of my own
  11. So you think time is like a length or distance which i agree on but i was curious on how you would say it in a scientific way
  12. What if AI's could solve any problem you had and i mean any
  13. So, what do you have interest in?
  14. So you like Kayaking, we both got something in common, i also like kayaking, know your question is why you should do it again when it gives you so much pain, i think you should because there something called 'FLOW STATE', when you are in a flow state, everything is gone and during that flow state you also lose any pain or stress, i think you should do some research into being in a 'flow state'
  15. I don't know, 'Farming Guy' has wrote about it, maybe you should ask Farming Guy
  16. So you have interest in how life on Earth originally originated
  17. I was just curious, what definition would you give to hardship and why
  18. You have noticed that mine does heat up occasionally
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