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  1. 1 law cant create energy. ok but you can give energy to a ferromagnetic and magnetize it. then magnetize as many ferromagnetic material as you want, and not diminish the magnetic field of the 1st one you had. I dont understand how no loss and how that is not considered braking the 1st rule
  2. Is it true that you always end up with the same energy u put in a system just some is transfered to other types of energy? For instance if you have a blown up balloon and you compress it. the potential energy is equal to what you compressed it with. Could you leave a note and your profession.
  3. In fact you get back a bit less energy than you put in to compress it, because the floating object has displaced some of the gas at higher altitude to a lower altitude, so that portion of it has lost gravitational potential energy. That was one of your posts and i thought last post would be an answer to it.sorry to lose you
  4. U were saying that would be a lack of pressure because the object moving . to have less pressure on a compressed fluid is equal to compressing it. My question is about a compressed fluid by pressure. To say a object moving will put more energy in the system to compress the fluid more even tho hundreds or thousands of psi is needed to lower pressure seems difficult. What i thought is if the fluid needs extreem pressure to be more compressed. That issue would be out of question?
  5. The question is about fluid . not a closed system because a closed systme would not have external forces this is using external forces in a pipe or cylinder compressing fluid in it it is still not a closed system because gravity is acting on it
  6. This system would not work in space hence is not a closed system
  7. If u compress a fluid it creates a higher boyent force to any object in it that compress at a higher pressure. When decompressing the fluid you will get back the energy u put in to compress it(not taken in consideration friction), regardless of any movment by the object. Moving the object higher when the fluid is compressed and let it drop when fluid is decompressed allows for force gain from gravity. The system will be using more then gaining but if u dont look at friction you can see that this is a way to show you could harness energy from gravity. Gravity energy generator?
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