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  1. Forgot to attach files with a training course... freelhara_en.txt freelhara_ru.txt
  2. In the case of IFUTTY, I thought that this helps to memorize, but in the case of the new language (see below) - this makes the recording very concise. I will continue the topic after a long (two years) break. The work was continued and a more perfect language was created on the basis of the previous one, which was called "Freelhara". The main difference from the previous work is the creation of a pronunciation of some phonemes other than English. Thus, this option pidgin becomes full conversational
  3. Thank you. We composed words from the accepted by the concept of the language of letters, from the calculation of syllabic writing, from the pattern: the alternation of a vowel and a consonant letter; or syllables + 1 vowel or consonant. Therefore, such words turned out. Since the number of letters in the words is fixed, the meaning of the words of the English language was not particularly attached to the sounding of the word by the iffuty - that is, we composed the words according to the pattern in a random way.
  4. Hello. We would like to present you our comic project, which has quite a serious background. It refers to the field of linguistics, an area in which innovation is usually nonsense. Nevertheless, the invention of new languages, still belongs to the field of innovation. Comrade and I created a new artificial language (iffuty.ga) called IFFUTY LANGUAGE (the word "iffits" means "stone", from the popular saying in the southern countries similar to the Russian "just like an egg": "just like a stone"). The language is based on a slightly modified Basic English dictionary. There is no punctuation
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