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  1. Yes, but a Quantum Computer can. Also, your view of the space time dimension is wrong. Secondly, you can only relate space and time, not calculate it. Read my topic on it for further details.
  2. Theories are hardly anything. If something is based on facts, then itself is a fact - not a theory. Is that what you're saying?
  3. Space is alone confusing. Calculating physics in a 5 dimensional simulation requires 5 variables per dimension. That's 25 different variables. Now imagine, those variables multiplying per every instance of time since the Big Bang to whatever future our race may hold. Lot to take in at once so we use rounding (calculating approximate results). As of now, we haven't yet discovered the smallest instance of time. Second? Micro-Second? Nano-Second? To first understand the smallest thing, you must understand how we can get to it. Detailed explanation of why rounding is necessary and why we will al
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