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  1. First, ALL Muslims believe in the Holy Qur'an. However, yet in VIII century came some Muslim interpreters, who stated, that the Qur'an doesn't fully fit the so called "Hidden table" of Allah. Sure, not all deeds of Muhammad may be example of moral behavior for modern people. I believe, that these two basic settings MUST turn mandatory for islamic teachings both for schoolchildren and High education. All versions of Islam, which don't fit these two demands, are not welcomed.
  2. I'm forced to quote Myself: "Islam isn't better, than previous religions, Judaism and Christianity". You just quote Bible to support my assertion. Please, red one more time my previous comment. Where, exactly, I'm wrong? Nobody urges the Jews or Christians to kill Egyptian first-borns. Moses himself killed only one Egyptian, who mocked a Jew slave. All "Egyptian executions" had performed cruel God himself. Instead, Muhammad just took the role of Allah and punished "unbelievers" through Jihad. Muslims simply follow Muhammad's example and teachings. They learn Qur'an thoroughly. They live it. Li
  3. All attempts to pacify Palestinians due to far-reaching concessions (Oslo etc) have failed, such is our collective experience. In their attempts to annihilate Jews, the Palestinians continue to relay on all possible anti-Semitic powers. Here's the historic line of Palestine Patrons: Turkish Empire (Turkish sultans were Caliphs of islamic Ummah), then (after Britons violated their promises to create whole-Arab State), the Palestinians turned to Hitler's help (Rommel, obviously, headed to Palestine). Then Britons together with de Gaulle released Hitler's pupil Al Husseini and brought him to Pale
  4. In the past, religions and ideologies, indeed, served pretext to mass crimes: Christianity, Nazis, Communist regimes, imperialist regimes, some nationalists etc. But all old ideologies transformed or gone. Only Islam is "in duty". Let's imagine, that Christianity remained in its VII century shape, or Hitler was welcomed as a model of pacifism. Or the USSR was not confronted by NATO. Aggression must be confronted, otherwise it win. From the point of view of humanist teaching, Islam isn't better, than its predecessors, Judaism and Christianity. Qur'an lacks humanism. Be sure to read Qur'an and
  5. And here's how this works: Christians, Muslims, & More AGAINST Evil Zionism : mam7jmm Nibiru/Aliens/ETVs … This community is «Christians, Muslims & More AGAINST evil zionists.» THE ONLY GROUP THAT IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY ON EARTH IS THE zionists THAT COME IN MANY DECEPTIVE FORMS; they are THE ONLY TARGET HERE. The zionists are anti-islam. Christians are not anti-islam. The zionists are anti-christian. Muslims are not anti-christian. STAY FOCUSED AND RECOGNIZE «satan» WHEN it REARS its COWARDLY MOST UNCLEAN HEAD. Take care and GOD bless! We must go. Yet in 2014, Pope Francis dem
  6. Unfortunately, an anti-Semitic assault participate much more than 2 parties. For centuries, we are target of numerous anti-Semitic powers. Currently, built-in islamic anti-Semitism, together with worldwide "New" anti-Zionist anti-semitism, have replaced old bankrupted forms of anti-Semitism like Christian, Nazi and Bolshevik form. This conflict between Jews and anti-Semites is extrimely unbalanced, and Palestinian people take this opportunity to annihilate Israel. Worldwide anti-Semitism is the main obstacle to peace between Israel and Palestine.
  7. Palestinians, not Israel, have overturned Oslo process. Palestinians have rejected all far-reaching Israel's proposals and concessions, made after Oslo (this includes Obama/John Kerry plan). The Palestinian people voted for HAMAS, islamist party, which proclaims genocide of the Jews and makes practical preparations for implementation of this program. This very topic deals, inter alia, with HAMAS-Hezbollah-Syria-Iran preparations for "final solution" of Middle East Jewish question. In such situation the People of Israel have legal right to defend themselves. Not Netanyahu, but prevailing majori
  8. PEACE NOW (Taken from «United with Israel» mail): “Palestinian leader Abbas did not demand that Hamas cease to seek Israel’s destruction, as a previous report had claimed. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has refuted a report citing an alleged demand by PA head Mahmoud Abbas that members of the Hamas terror group must recognize Israel if they want to be included in the cabinet of a unity government. Haaretz reported Monday that Abbas made the statement during a meeting with 12 former Israeli lawmakers at the PA headquarters in Ramallah. In response to the report, Abbas’s office said, “The presid
  9. I've completed this topic by adding some conclusions. Pleas, re-read the completed topic "Naqba".
  10. «Politically correct truth» says that Islam, in general, is the right religion, but some Muslims misunderstand it. But My personal experience, as well as the collective experience of non-Muslims, says exactly opposite: most of the Muslims we face in our life are good people. But when Muslims unite and act collectively, for example, as part of a religious-political movement, or an army, or a nation, or an «Islamic ummah,» they commit mass crimes. There are a lot of examples. Today, the so-called Islamists are eager for nuclear weapons and threaten to destroy this planet, in the name of Allah
  11. This question needs exploration. I cannot answer it.
  12. Correct, My intention is to explain, that Carnot Cycle doesn't play outside classic heat engines.
  13. Well, there are already proved hydrogen vehicles, produced by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_vehicle
  14. Yes, it's the hypothesis in my mind. I'm just trying to prove it.
  15. A explosion engine isn't simple heat engine, since it has kinetic constituent.
  16. http://aaronblog.co/2017/10/drug-addiction-is-disease/ The World’s drug traffic value roughly corresponds to the value of the oil trade. The damage that drugs bring to the health of all mankind, and especially to the health of «developed» peoples, cannot be overemphasized. Apparently, drug addiction has become one of the main causes of the degradation of «developed» peoples. The so-called «struggle» against drug trafficking only leads to a rise of their price for «consumers» and additional enrichment of corrupt officials and politicians. It’s a strange situation when drug use is not forbidde
  17. NAKBA The former lecturer of the University of Haifa, a former communist Ilan Pappe, calls himself a historian. He wrote the book ”Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”, where he claims that the «Zionists» intentionally drove the Arabs of Palestine from their native places. But here is the text of the announcement of the commander of the Haganah forces in the Haifa district, from 22.04.1948 (I’ve photographed this announcement in the city museum of Haifa): Announcement of the commander of the Haganah №2 Our units, which are fighting against Arab gangs in the city (of Haifa), strike at the enemy an
  18. Politic science must be discussed, there's no other way to understand and "forgive". To get together, any side of dispute must clarify its position and propose possible ways for solution. For example, My proposal is that oil importers may impose control over delivery routes, making the delivery reliable. No one has right to blackmail entire World by closing main World's "actuator". Let's discuss this World Oil issue, instead of controversial Israeli-Palestinian dispute. It appears, that improvement of the car engine may bring 10-fold economy of gas consumption. This way, the developing nations
  19. My temporary stop from posting in Facebook groups comes as a result of complaint by Azerbaijan group. They accused Me of anti-Islamic stance. You may check this accusation, since my post "Islam with Human Face" is literally that very post in some Facebook groups. First, Azerbaijanis tried to critique Me, than issued personal warning, and then came 7-day ban from Facebook, without explanation. Later, I revealed, that such behavior fits the newly accepted German law: https://www.gateston...cial-censorship "A new German law introducing state censorship on social media platforms came into effe
  20. Buffy: "You've said a bunch of times here that Palestinians have no rights to land because they're from elsewhere. Decide what you want to actually believe". Thus, I never claimed, that the Palestinians have no rights to our land. The very fact, that Ben Gurion accepted the UN Partition resolution, means recognition of Palestinians' rights to this land, along with Jewish rights. The only question is, where is placed most legal border between Israel and Palestine. According to the International law, the law courts must recognize that border, which was agreed by the sides in their LAST signe
  21. Buffy, Your last post violates, at least, Facebook rules on the part of personal assault. I never use the words "silly, stupid" etc. My temporary stop from posting in Facebook groups comes as a result of complaint by Azerbaijan group. They accused Me of anti-Islamic stance. You may check this accusation, since my post "Islam with Human Face" is literally that very post in some Facebook groups. First, Azerbaijanis tried to critique Me, than issued personal warning, and then came 7-day ban from Facebook, without explanation. Later, I revealed, that such behavior fits the newly accepted German la
  22. Buffy: "What you end up with of course is something that looks very much like the Warsaw Ghetto. Would the Jews in Warsaw have done better to be cooperative with the Nazi occupiers and agree not to try to kill SS officers unilaterally? You only get to claim you're not acting like the Nazi's if you hold out hope for them *now* despite whatever "bad acts" you accuse them of. That may not seem "fair" to you since those bad acts have been murderous, but those are the wages of being on the side of good." Contrary to You, the Palestinian people know perfectly, that whole their conflict with th
  23. houseknight, on 19 Oct 2017 - 12:36 PM, said: Buffy: "You want to *both* recognize a State of Palestine *and* keep it under military occupation? Do you understand what a "State" is? I mean, that's pretty much what the Brits were offering you back in 1946: You get a "Jewish State" but the UK has permanent occupation of your state. Why weren't y'all fine with that?" Well, My proposal seems paradox, but it's paradox, forced by Middle East realities and Islamic assault. The Palestinian People, obviously, don't wont peace with the Jews. Palestinian people's overwhelming vote for HAMAS, pro
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