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  1. It's true that the person who performs the study might get quoted in Time magazine or elsewhere. If the cards are played right. The right person granted explicit access to me. What else?
  2. Only causes cervical cancer when my left nut shrinks when I am with them. And God Almighty or part of my brain invokes karma. Karma is real thanks to a patternal father's pattern making. I hate reading stuff that messes with my psyche and experience.
  3. The girls love it, when I tell them I am a demi-god. Son of Joseph and Kay, substituted for Mary. Mary-Kay. Here to love them eternally. The tactics of ego building have certainly evolved, picked up some good tricks. Unfortunately what the bible says I have to do as the Son of Mankind is judge mankind. Has put me at odd ends with my forgive all mindset. And Nostradamus needs me to beat the Anti-Christ Mabus. I think the evolution theory wants much less of me.
  4. Thanks Mdevil, that was enlightening. I suppose I am in the wrong spot. Where would the correct area be? Besides the psychiatrist and psychologist jokes, they are very effective for gaining prestige and building an identity on the online forum boards though. Taking Sociology, maybe I'll do a study on online forums.
  5. Perhaps my exposition a little rushed. Does this one sound better? Feedback on how to propose a venture to an evolutionary biologist would be excellent. Working on a journalist at the moment for the other half of getting the story to interested ears and eyes, should it be more than a mutation. Hell the mutation would make an excellent story in itself, but for enquirer. English is my worst subject. Though I am planning to be an author, I am not looking forward to editorial fee's. Hello, My name is Kieran. I come today asking a favor. I need to know what the proper protocols and steps would be
  6. . I happened to wonder if you guys knew the proper route to go should I know about the first of a new branch of Human being. I happen to know I really am because of irrefutable evidence. As it so happens it's evolution is of the male reproductive organ. A bean shaped pea on the head of the penis. Quite like a Hindu Bindi in positioning should the head be the penile head. I notice many preparations made and far too many coincidences of nature for it to be a mutation. A peacocks plume looks like a penis head with it's head or body being the bean. Same about the T.V channel CBS's logo. Furth
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