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  1. I believe the word your looking for is Libertarianism. Libertarians are the ones who want to legalize all sorts of harmful drugs, not conservatives! Libertarians also want to legalize prostitution, these are things both libertarians and liberals often agree on! What they disagree on is the size of government and on how much they want to be taxed. Liberals like big government, libertarians like small government. One thing I disagree with you on is the idea that casual sex is healthy and normal, it isn't, it produces children out of wedlock, as birth control isn't 100%. People often have sex on
  2. The Asians' main problem was that their own governments were "suffocating" them. They tend to worship their "Emperors" and their "Emperors" often make stupid decisions for them, as they are only human, the best people often don't get into the government as the "Emperors" built a personality cult around themselves to keep out potential rivals, thus the better man or woman doesn't get to lead and the "Stupid Emperors" remain in power, that is how China got "caught with its pants down" and colonized by western powers. One advantage that Asians have is they are used to large scale governments whil
  3. Were Asians discriminated against at the same time blacks were? Did Asians need to live next to white people and attend white people's schools so the magic will rub off of them and they can improve themselves? Blacks tend to give up more than Asians do! They say, "Life's unfair, woe is me!" The Asians just work harder. Asians tend to annoy some people by being so successful, I heard that mentioned about the Chinese railroad workers. Blacks go , "Boohoo, my grandpa was a slave, there is nothing I can do to improve my life, maybe I'll just rob a liquor store." Some of the highest rates of growth
  4. I guess your "sarcasm detector" is broken, eh? What do you think is the difference between the Third World and the First World? I'll tell you what it is, its property rights. What investor is going to invest in Nigeria is he can't be sure about keeping his land after paying for it? How does he know the government isn't just going to swoop in and nationalize the property after he's made some investments and improvements? That is why businesses don't get created, and jobs don't get made! The main advantage the Third World has over the first is cheap labor, the disadvantage as far as the investor
  5. So the prostitute's kid asks her mom, "Who's my daddy?" The prostitute shrugs her shoulders and says, "I don't know hun!, I guess one of the condoms broke! But there were so many, its hard to keep track of them all!" You like single parent homes? That's what you get with prostitution, both with the prostitutes themselves and some of their customers. You ever read Brave New World by any chance? Maybe it wasn't required reading in your school like it was in mine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brave_New_World
  6. Oh course, they want to destroy mankind! Maybe they should start with themselves rather than other people first, and after they kill themselves they can go on to other people, oh I forgot, they are dead afterwards! Too bad!
  7. The UK could have ruled the World in the late 19th centuries and the early 20th century before the invention of atomic weapons. With electricity and telegraph wires it could have been done. The chance of nuclear war depends on their being other powers that have nuclear weapons. Harry Truman had a brief window of opportunity to establish a World Government after World War II, his country had a monopoly on nuclear weapons. Would have been easier for the British Empire though if it included what would have been the United States, a war like World War II would have been an opportunity for them to
  8. What about the Aztec people who sacrificed human victims to their god? Is that the same thing as religiously motivated terrorism?
  9. Attacking white settlers, any white settlers is racism is it not? Also there was a lot more land than just what the Indians needed to support themselves. There are 3 million Indians today, and if you divided all the land in the United States equally among them, then each person would have 1 square mile of land to support himself or 640 acres of land. Does any human being really need 640 acres of land to put food on the table?
  10. Does prostitution objectify women? Does prostitution break up marriages? What happens to the children of such marriages that are broken up by prostitution? What happens to the children of prostitutes? What are we teaching are children when we legalize prostitution? what about the teenage boy who hires a prostitute to go out with him at the high school prom? At proms people hire limousines, rent out a tux, buy a prom dress, what if Jonny can't find a girlfriend, should the parents just hire a prostitute to take their son to the prom? What if a kid is socially maladjusted, he's somewhat of a lon
  11. We've had 152 years of education and time, and you say that's not enough? How much is enough time for you 2000 years? Would have been simpler to return the freed slaves to Africa rather than to endure racism and bigotry for 152 years as you say it still exists today. My question to you is, why must they live here? Can you give me a good reason? Lots of people live in Africa, and we could have compensated all the freed slaves while they lived in Africa instead of while they were living here and dealing with white prejudice. You tell me was it worth it to try to live together? After seeing those
  12. Why? Why would you hate someone you've never met, give me a rational reason why that would occur? If you've never met a black person in your whole entire live, how could you hate black people? Even if you did, what could you do to them if you can't get your hands on them? Would you travel to Africa so you could kill black people? Give me a logical rational reason why some white person would hate black people if they were all sent back to Africa after they were freed from slavery? Lets say you were a kid who was born after all the slaves were sent back to Africa, and the only thing you know abo
  13. It was more a verbal kind of bullying, I just use it as an example. the people that lived in the 19th century are not my people, 19th century America was a different country, I don't know anyone who lived way back then History teaches that there was slavery and a civil war, that is what I learned in School, I don't know any civil war veterans, they are all dead! The slaves and the masters are all dead! My thought is simply this, if they went back to Africa after they were freed, the cycle of racism would have been broken. The ex-slaves without their former masters would have had no one to hate
  14. Look at it this way, what is the population of Native Americans in United States? I looked it up, there are about 3 million native Americans in the United States, about one for every 130 non-native Americans, there is 3.8 million square miles in the United States, so each native American gets at least 1 square mile of land. There are 640 acres of land in a square mile, does that seem like an efficient distribution of resources? We could set up a feudal system where each native American is the lord of an estate with 130 non-native Americans working the land as peasants under them, does that see
  15. The Cosmic filter has to get every civilization before it breaks out into space! Lets us consider what would have happened if History had taken a different turn. What if King George the III enacted reports to give the American colonists greater representation in Parliament, thereby forestalling the American Revolution? What if the British Empire just kept on growing until in encompassed the World, and then they invent nuclear weapons, but their is no one left to have a nuclear war with? The British Empire then proceeds to use its world wide resources to colonize space, where is the Great Filte
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