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  1. 83. We are what we assume ...
  2. 82. For nations we need captivating projects ...
  3. . When we look at the immensity of the universe, we feel small, yet valuable.
  4. 80. Doubts advance us as much as faith ...
  5. 79. Community life is resurrection splendor...
  6. 78. Shared bread tastes better...
  7. 77. We lack proximity and connection factors between us humans ...
  8. 76. Readiness to work is a wonderful gift...
  9. Bread making is an excellent technology ... Others are under development ...
  10. 75. Having tracked the goods and services available, the essentials will be guaranteed to each one.
  11. Among classic medicines my neurocomputer is telling me to write: triiodothyronine + levothyroxine + sodium iodide.
  12. Taking a look at the events related to the flu, common pneumonia and low seasonal temperatures in Portugal, there seems to be no particular aggressiveness attributable to coronavirus-19. What is obvious is the collective pressure for drastic measures to be taken at the political and social level . (Is this crisis a must?)
  13. The gardenia in front of the house where I live has been affected by a tremendous plague of lice. What would gardenia lack to be so sick? I put vegetable ash, ferrous sulfate and generic fertilizer in the base soil and watered it. Some time later the leaves of the gardenia became brighter and the plague disappeared ...
  14. Maybe this crisis pushes us into frugality.
  15. To deal with coronavirus-19 related positivity or anxiety I prefer some popular promoters of viral tolerance, like:1. lemon juice 10 ml + honey 10 ml + hot water 10 ml (mixed)2. Fresh vegetable soup3. An apple a day4. Adequate hydration (water, tea, lemon balm infusion, fresh orange juice, etc.)5. Warm red wine 100 ml + sugar 10 gr (mixed); (sparkling wine as an alternative?)6. Short or long coffee with 10 ml of whiskey/whisky or another strong drink7. Generous moments of music and meditation.
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