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  1. Pinterest is a social networking site with lots of users, with a wealth of information about every aspect of their lives. Have you tried to find out? Is there anyone else here that is addicted to Pinterest? I have found a lot of recipes on Pinterest and I have several different boards around the food on my page. I like finding new Pins for recipes and pinning them. I find that I can spend all day searching for interesting recipes to try out there. Thanks to pinterest, I can find a lot of useful things there, this is an information search source that will have a very fast growth rate an
  2. When cooking, what other people can do? For me, cooking is not just about cooking, it's about combining your other favorite activities, like playing games. I like cooking. I also love video games. Some great people have created a series of recipes focused around food from different games. I have tried some of these, and they are delicious. They are ranked according to difficulty level and you can glance to select and choose from different games. I just tried Sims 2 Mac & Cheese at night and it was delicious, and quite easy, too. Put a truly unique spin on everything. Some mixed dri
  3. Daily cooking always makes me feel tired in choosing food for my family. We will always need to change the menu every meal so that people have more appetite. So where did the delicious recipes come from? I have a cookbook that I keep in my hand, including tons of basic stuff in it, divided and organized quite neatly so it's easy to find what you are looking for. It also has comparable measurements and a list of useful substitutes. If I need a new formula, I just tend to Google what I'm looking for and get what I get from the results. For me it is usually used by Google to find and then
  4. Knife is a tool that any kitchen should have. How can your knife skills? I think I'm below average, because I usually end up with slightly irregular dices whenever I scrape onion or other vegetables, that's negligible in home cooking, of course, But sometimes I wish I had the better knife skills to be able to produce more quality meal meals at home. How about you guys, do you think skilled knives are very important for home cooking, and do you have any tips on how to get better at it? Let me share with you the skills and how to use the knife quickly you know.
  5. I like your idea, it will make the feast even better!
  6. Is anyone experiencing the same condition as me? Actually, I'm having a lot of trouble with this. I have an electric open device, a hand-held device and a handheld device that allows me to pierce a bottle in a jar (do not know what it's called). My hands can open recently broke and now I am stuck with power tool, the only sad part is that it sometimes does not work Finally, I use hold poker (that's what I call it). Does anyone else have problems with their openers maybe like me? We hope to receive feedback from everyone.
  7. Firstly, I do not really like Gordon Ramsay's attitude, and know something he did in the past that I did not consider him a good person. With all that has happened between me and him. BUT This book, simply amazing, is more than a book to use everyday with simple recipes than other cookbook books included. And you do not need a better knowledge or how to handle components and what not. I keep this book in my closet and run it almost daily for ideas. I would like to do something meaningful for Gordon Ramsay's!
  8. OK - guessing this is for cook books that you really like...[/size] well I have a considerable number of them, all vegetarian or vegan.[/size] This particular one is a vegan Indian cook book and we use a minimum of 1 recipe a week from it, usually more. If you like spices, then this is the book for you. 1 recipe I have done (which tastes fantastic and is on this week's menu yet again has 12/13 different spices in it.[/size] It has loads of different recipes, all very easy to follow, well explained, though I have had to google one or two of the dahls and spices to see what they actually
  9. I have a cookbook collection and all kinds of foods and cooking methods are covered within those books. I've found that I'm quickly finding favorites, though... Most of my favorite cookbooks are those that were put together by a community or a group. I'm more interested in "homey" cooking like many of us remember from our childhoods. I'll try a complicated or gourmet recipe once in a while, but it's not my favorite. I'd much prefer cooking something that has been tested, tried, and true and that's where the group cookbooks come in. I figure that when recipes are requested for those books, eve
  10. So I/we/no one can figure this thing out. It's been an ongoing issue and needs resolved so I can stop thinking about it 24/7 and get some sleep. Here's the scoop... It's a Doyon model PIZ6. This is a 208 volt 3 phase oven. There's nothing fancy about this thing, which makes this all the more frustrating. The issue is the blower motor reversing contactors are dropping a leg and single phasing the motors. This blows the motor fuses and trips the panel breaker. Getting to this point (figuring out the contactors were dropping a leg) took weeks. In the meantime we confirmed and reconfir
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