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  1. I’ve been thinking about that question for a long time. In my opinion if you really know our current technology, civilization and indestructible dogmatic opinions-beliefs, your answer probably: ”No, we shouldn’t communicate with them right now”. Because most of humans still believe in nonsense stories, we still didn’t even get rid of these beliefs because of politicians and ignorant cultures, I do not think we (most of us) can completely get rid of them for a long time. There are so many reasons about: ” why we haven’t contact them yet? ” EducationCivilisationDisagreements for human raceG
  2. When we look at the 1900s years, we can only see 1 billion people in the world. But in the 1950s, 2.5 billion and in the 21st century we have 6 billion people out there! So, because of advanced agriculture and farming techniques we have a lot of food in our fridges. Also science and medicine industry helped people to not die and technology still providing to us easy-useful life. That result as you can see on the graph, isn’t so irregular ? Yes, absolutely it is. Today, in 2017 our population is reached 7.5 billion. According to some polls, we’re expecting 9.5 billion people in 2050. I thi
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