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  1. My brother can drive a Yamaha motorcycle on trails and other terrains. At times, we change our SUV's road tires to mud tires that we bought for off-roading activity. We do it when we're going on a camping and fishing.
  2. I do think this will be a norm in Japan someday.
  3. The actor should embody the character's mindset, habits, and way of speaking. They can achieve it if they empathize with the character they study through learning the story, the circumstances, and upbringing of the characters.
  4. I enjoy cooking in a way that I can test my artistic skill in preparing a dish, matching ingredients and bringing out the synergy in flavors, and also my precision or accuracy in measuring a number of ingredients to put or the time needed while cooking.
  5. I agree with Deepwater6. Although it is for kids, I remember the animated film Megamind. It is a good example how an individual's personality and upbringing can be influenced and conditioned by his/her environment and social setting. We should find a more humane way to deal and resolve the negative nature of a killer.
  6. That's a great information and observation. I would love to read more about that.
  7. People would actually eat it if there are words such as organic or maybe artisanal, I'm not sure. But most food-related blogs or social media accounts can influence what people would want to try to eat. Just make eating edible weeds a trend or post-worthy. Remember it happened with rainbow bagels or avocado sandwiches.
  8. A First Look at Communication Theory by EM Griffin?
  9. Anyone knows where I can find an ebook or pdf of books about Communication Theories?
  10. I wonder what color vision bugs and insects have.
  11. "Being selected as an appropriate audience for a stupid joke suggests that there is something amiss with the hearer's sense of humor," Bell said. As a listener, I'd prefer to hear the joke by the person I know. I just don't find it funny to receive a bad or sarcastic joke from a stranger.
  12. Awesome. Thanks, Turtle!
  13. That's a cool site. I need to look for a viewing glasses.
  14. connorbro


    Hello, everyone. My name is Connor and I'm a student. I used to watch science-related stuff on Youtube (more on biology and chemistry) and now I joined here because I want to enjoy more of it. Thanks for letting me in.
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