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  1. The strange for me is not to find a new approximative formula but to find the formula of truth.
  2. I assert that if we think in general relativity a mass must have infinity mass so to can curve/fold the spacetime to infinity so to have the ability to act in infinity or if the spacetime is not empty and is a new material with new elasticity k then the elasticity must be infinity so to can stretch the spacetime to infinity and so the Newton's law to be right. When a formula mathematically has infinities or not accepted solutions like f=GMm/0 then something is wrong because a formula for me must have mathematical and physical meaning.
  3. How Newton found this formula? Nobody said to us, i suppose is from experimental values and from that values the best formula which descripes the values is F=GMm/r^2 but this does not mean that is right because theoretically we can find unlimited approximated formulas which descripe our values. Also there is a book about this, "What is this thing we call science" which says the weakness which science has to find the equation of truth. In physics we have many formulas which in reality are approximations ex F=ma (in lab is the equation of truth and 100% right) and when a factor changes (u start
  4. r can not be zero because F=GMm/r^2 F becomes infinity or mathematically is impossible. Mathematically ex one mass m can act to infinity but practically is true? I remember one teacher was saying us that mathematically an electron can act force to other electron to infinity but practically the infinity can be some cm where the force is zero. Personally i don't believe that ex an electron can act to infinity to an another electron, is out of logic.
  5. I remember few things about magnetism but even easy looking problems , sometimes have difficult calculated solutions. I will have a look after to your links. Thank you.
  6. I tried to attach from here but i don't know the reason they didn't uploaded. Don't worry for virus, the links shows articles from scribd, sincerely.
  7. Here is an article about my revised Newton's gravity formula
  8. Here are my three docs where you can download and read. Article 1&2 Article 3 Article 4
  9. Can somebody explain me the physics with formulas to this image? Is from a youtube video. The guy uses magnets, battery and after put over an aluminium "paper" where starts to spin . One question. Can i add the videos' url or is considered spam?
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