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  1. And now that I think about it in SAO the first episode kirito plugged the nerve gear into it looked like a eithernet port so if he did then theoretically his computer would act as the computing force (the core) for the nerve gear. The computer only interprets and relays information the nervegear receives and outputs the actual data. I may be wrong about this though.
  2. I may have no "qualifications" but I have an idea, (at least for the vision) wouldn't it be possible to wear a contact or something like a contact lens so the glasses can track the eyes better. I'm just a simple person into technology but wouldn't a contact lens with dots or something a computer could detect in specific locations like around the iris and cornea? And for the audio what about having an electrode attached to your temporal bone so you fell vibrations but they turn into an audial source. You guys may have thought of this already but if you haven't then this may stir some ideas that
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