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  1. Hello all, Basic but (1) when an electron is excited by a photon with a frequency between two allowable energies, does it just promote the electron to the orbital it was just able to pass, or is it just as precise as frequencies emitted when falling to lower levels in spectroscopy, requiring EXACTLY the necessary frequency? (2) Will the excess kinetic energy be enough to ionize the electron with any other higher orbital electrons falling to repopulate the missing areas? (3) Is there a tolerance in populating an orbital? I believe it should be more fuzzy as you approach with higher n, be
  2. Hello everyone, "The heating element of a toaster is a long wire of some metal, often the alloy nichrome, which heats up when a potential difference is applied across it. In the U.S.A., plugging a toaster into the wall outlet is equivalent to applying a 120-V potential source across it. For these problems consider a 300-W toaster connected to a wall outlet." "How could one increase the rate at which heat is produced?" A. Use a longer wire B. Use a thicker wire C. Both A and B D. None of the above Rate of heat produce brings to mind power, P=IV=I^{2}R=V^{2}/R, but all these questions are
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