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  1. I really think that most of the posts in this forum focuses on how we could go full-dive physically, by providing equipment's for the whole body, As mentioned by Coaren, the point of FullDive Technology is to completely immense yourself in VR. Learning more about the brain will provide us with a good understanding about its connection with the rest of the body (this whole thing was discussed earlier). >> If we could create data types in order to capture brain signals such as the use of different data types in programming (Int, String, Double, etc.) The communication between the brain and
  2. Hey guys. Lets call myself Abiisu. Full dive has been an exiting topic form a long time. People started sharing awesome ideas on how we chould access full-dive. I'll share some of my own ideas too. :lazy: How would it be if we could cut off the connection between the human brain and the nerve-system temporarily. and then, capture the signals emitted by the brain into the nerve system.The user wares a VR headset which capture these signals. The vr headset will transfer those signals emitted by the brain into code and show the user the output within the game. Eg: the user thinks of moving
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