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  1. I was wondering if people with lower IQ are more emotional? If they have hard time controlling their emotions and have emotional outburst more. If people with lower IQ scream or yell more and more likely to get into fights.
  2. The bizarre quantum mechanics where particles in two places at the same time or particles appearing and disappearing!! What is this bizarre quantum mechanics and why do particles in two places at the same time or particles appearing and disappearing in classic physics this does not happen.
  3. People say quantum mechanics is really strange and bizarre example particles in two places at the same time, particles appearing and disappearing. In the real world this does not happen. You have to travel from New York city to Los Angeles you cannot disappear in New York and appear in Los Angeles!! Or be in both cities at the same time. And quantum entanglement faster than the speed of light!! The three best theories explaining why quantum mechanics is really strange and bizarre.. Many worlds theoryExtra dimension ( it not really particles appearing and disappearing or being two places at
  4. Social deviance is person who breaks the social norms, culture, rules, laws, way people do things and of how a individual will act in society. There is lack of conformity to the group and deviance of inappropriate conduct of social norms and culture of the group norms. Some examples of social deviance like skipping school, running away from home, going out partying, speeding, drinking in public, being late for work, dying your hair purple, having a mohawk hair, stealing, wearing pajama pants to work, going nude, long scraggly messy hair style, not working, cheating, indiscriminate sexual
  5. Are there still some countries in the world today that still practice medieval medicine? Even in US? Where science cannot explain the cause of the mental illness? Where people believe person is a weak character, immoral or possessed by evil spirits? Where doctors and scientists cannot explain the cause of it and what is going on? And the person should be locked up in mental hospital, exorcism done on him or her or hole cut in the person brain to allow evil spirits out or worse burning at the stake? May be ADHD, phobia, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, social deviant, antisocial personality
  6. So your saying for consciousness you need input from the senses? A large brain process and make sens of it? That say human had no eye sight and no sound the way look world be different. Take step up. Human had no eye sight, no sound, no smell or taste. Look at the world different. No body limbs,no touch, no eye sight, no sound, no smell, taste look at the world different.
  7. OP probably thinking well we got human brain large network that try to do that to machine. Like say scientist don't know if part of brain give rise to consciousness or the large brain network. Or the way the brain is put together. Emotions, feelings, being self aware a area of the brain, all of the brain, the way the brain is put together or large brain network . This is what scientist cannot answer. If you building AI brain what do you need for AI brain? chemicals organic part organic way the brain is wired or put together very large network so on No one knows.
  8. First, of scientist are trying to study the brain and find out what part of the brain gives rise to consciousness. The Human brain is very different than AI brain. Second, scientist don't know if very large I use word very large brain neural network give rise to consciousness. If consciousness is just emerging of very large neural network or not. This is mystery that scientist cannot answer yet. For AI brain no one knows if it has to be machine , part organic or all organic. No one knows if Artificial Neural Networks will give rise to consciousness or not. Some think it may. Third no o
  9. I think it mostly people worried about long term use of GMO food that may lead to cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and other diseases so on. They don't know how safe GMO food is or what the long term effects are. They what more testing and research before they eat GMO food.
  10. I'm not sure how advance science has become today to engineer a virus to go after and target the cancer. That seems very science fiction or in movies. May be in future when science advance such thing like that may be possible and replace chemo and radiation and the cancer survivor outlook will look better than what we have today. May be more knowable members can explain this better or when that may be more possible.
  11. Base on your theory to starve cancer is to not eat. Sure that may kill the cancer or slow it down but kill the person who has cancer. Your body needs glucose and with out glucose you tired, no energy, sleepy and have hard time doing very simple tasks so on. Your brain needs glucose to function and live and if you starve your body of glucose this is bad. Also people who have cancer lose lots of weight and if you not eating to starve the cancer you be really losing so much more weight it will be dangerous.
  12. You have to understand animal in nature main goal is to get food, water and reproduce. Well in nature it is not equality but survival of the fittest. Nature is very hard and harsh and because it takes so much time boredom is less apparent. When people domesticate animals you change the game of what nature is and put them in different environmental not design for it. Well because they not spending most of the time and energy looking for food ad water boredom sets in, If you the owner don't look after them they stay bored. Just get cat they always walking around and coming up to people find
  13. It strange other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and duckduckgo so on, have not improved much over the years. I try to use them now and then but I find google still shows the best results. I can only guess google will be so good that in 10 years from now it will be just as good as wikipedia if not better. Ask it any thing and it will give you the correct answer.
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