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  1. Hi there, This is a terrible example on how to find exo-planets. Even though your find may be considered an exo-planet, it may be extremely far; possibly outside our Galaxy. In such cases, it has no use. You are better off using ultraviolet ray telescope. It's expensive ($6000 is the cheapest I found - $2,000,000 Nasa's using), but the best choice.
  2. Hi, Mathimatically, the tortoise would have quite some time to explore the planet. However, time dilation is based on moving at fast speeds which can be caused by gravity. 0.7c is hardly fast enough to escape gravity of a black hole and if you're going to a planet 370 light years away, you are bound to run into a 100 different large black holes. In technical terms, he would be dead before he reached even 30% of his journey. To really go into depth, you'll need to know the route, the gravitational field Emmitt; only then will your answer me 100% correct.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry for not providing proof; nontheless, your concepts are correct - however, your evaluation of them is wrong. Please check the model of the moon's rotation in space or check a live capture from the ISS. P.S: Make sure the moon's rotation model is from Nasa. That should be proven.
  4. Hi, Let me clear some things out. ☆ Super Polymath You're very wrong. There's nothing known as empty space since the happening of the Big Bang. However, let's imagine there is a space craft going through infinite empty space. In that case the space craft will have its own gravitational field. Thus, still giving off gravity. You've been proven wrong. Also, the escape velocity is entirely different from gravitation change. Gravity never ****ing changes. It's a proven fact (unless mass changes). When you reach an escape velocity, you're slowly drifting out of the specific range of the plane
  5. No. You can't set up an energy bubble. There's always mini-EMP Shockwave going through the galaxies and electric storms. Doing such would be shut down almost instantaneously. So no, that is never an option Hi, By saving time, it is referring to as to keep communication and be able to come back to meet your friends and family while not being 60 years younger than them.
  6. Hi, Are you seriously, using 'Wikipedia' to contradict my proven statement? God, please no.
  7. Hi, What if you could create something with the size being extremely small (2m by 2m) but having an extremely large mass like a black hole (except the super high gravity but the amount we need). Is that possible? I'm asking.
  8. Hi, Already created a topic there (my mistake, should've waited - impatient me). Anyhow, if necessary - an admin can remove this. Honestly, since it is correlated with the sun, for some reason I feel like it should be in both categories. Nontheless, you've been here longer and are more likely to be correct.
  9. Hi, I'll have the same post copied there then. I'll leave this here, if an admin considers it to have no correlation, the admin should delete it. Thankyou for pointing out the right place.
  10. Hi, The motto of a famous military is : "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst". We hope they don't think like that, but if we do, we need counter-measures incase. What do you suggest for some counter-measures?
  11. Hi, Yes, then it would count. However, knowledge is power, right? One race being so much smarter than us, is like comparing us to animals; only we would be the animals in that scenario.
  12. Hi, However, it can do precise calculations. One of those calculations may be the threat humans pose to them rendering them making calculations for a war. All of this isn't bound to happen, but if there is a chance (which there is) - no one will use this option. It's like putting a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists and pray to God they don't use it.
  13. Hi, If such an AI is able to replicate itself like so whatsoever, it may replicate uncontrollably. Growing in population, what if one day they decided to turn on us (their creators)?
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