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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by advanced mathematics. I was never good at math in school but as I got older and would read about physics concepts, I would see these crazy formulas that I couldn’t make heads or tails of. I was always attracted to a challenge and since advanced math seemed like something I could never do; it was alluring to me. My great-uncle was a genius and loved math. He was teaching himself differential geometry before he died. We both agreed that math is the language of science and therefore the language of reality. He also said that science doesn’t have a limit but I dis
  2. On improving the hyperdrive. What could he do to improve it besides: *Making them travel through hyperspace faster *Requiring less fuel *Allowing them to leave the galaxy and travel to others
  3. I was asking for ideas on what a scientist could be working on in the Star Wars galaxy. However my list of can nots are more akin to what an engineer would be working on. Then I guess that’s what I really meant. So that being said I ask. What can an engineer in the Star Wars galaxy be working on?. He works for the canon New Republic. Things he can’t be working on 1.) Dyson sphere- Believe it or not it already exists in SWTOR 2.) Matrioksha Brain- Computers aren’t that advanced. (HOWEVER, if you have a generic Star Wars name for this- I will take it. Matrioksha is Russian nesting dolls a
  4. I don’t think it’s possible to hate all of existence. I think you need to see a therapist. In the meantime, try to think of all the things that are positive in your life and find some gems in the coal.
  5. Im trying to write a fan fic about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force in the way he doesnt think it controls fate. (He acknowledges, however, that there is an energy field that some sentients can manipulate) I just need something for him to be researching. It just has to sound cool and scientific. It can NOT be game-changing or something that can alter the story in a dramatic way Also it cant have already been done in Legends or Canon. I want a fresh idea. It cannot be -A time machine -A teleporter -A matter replicator
  6. Im making a game where each future invention equals 5 points +5 James Webb Space Telescope +10 Quantum computer +15 Fusion reactor +20 Fusion rocket Can somebody help me think of inventions for +25 to +100? Thanks!!!
  7. What 25 things do we need scientists to create in order to "live long and prosper"?
  8. 1. Chemistry 2. Physics 3. Computers 4. Biology 5.) Medicine 6.) Agriculture 7.) Agriculture 8.) Geology 9.) Psychology
  9. Can someone help me make a timeline from 2017-2050, with each year having one predicted future invention? You don't have to explain how the invention works; just an idea. One invention every year from now until 2050. Be creative. Be serious.
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