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  1. Here's my idea what if we used the original design of the nerve gear helmet just for the shits n' giggles for right now. What we have: There would be a visor in the front to display the time and battery life. Indicator led's ex: Pow, Wan, and Blk Cartridge slot of the game, disk or whatever we use so we don't get killed by untrusted game devs Ethernet cable so you can connect to the internet directly, highest possible speed, there is no chance of wireless interference Power cord to directly draw power for everything Battery which acts as auxiliary power source in case nerve gear is unplugge
  2. Sorry for double posting but I'm going to post my quote unquote prototype in like an hour or so
  3. Exactly but we've been talking about this for a while and we all have different ideas and understandings and if we designed a prototype everyone would be able to chip in and give there thought on how to improve it so I'm designing one right now but am not going to build it because it will most likely fry my brain if I tried to use it and everyone else on this forum could help build upon the design and we could all work together to make it work.
  4. Your right it is but even so how would we design something like this. Like instead of talking about how it works lets talk about what we need to make it work and how to build it.
  5. Ok so real talk, besides all the code and actually getting it to work, how would we read the brain signals transfer it back into readable code while also canceling out the signals the brain is sending out so you move in the simulation but not in real life? Ignoring the amount of ram and video you need because you can just hook it up to a PC like in the actual anime, how would we get the video/ how would it be possible to not look at a screen while also feeling/ everything looking like it's real life?
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