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  1. Yes But understanding at the same time , moment , that the brain is Life Energy and that Cosmic Energy is necessary for Life to manifest its self . Earth , our Earth , our Planet , is a perfect example . Minerals are important to the Health of living things ( besides water and air ) . AND, like a brain these structures are in electrical (electromagnetic) and chemical communication within it, again, just like the brain. To your last statement; more than these , Life . You don't mention Life .
  2. Instead of a god , beings . Both genders , together . That's how I think about the possibility of being inside a brain(s) and mind(s) . The thing is that both in order to manifest , need the energy and matter states to exist . Life uses minerals and the Suns energy . Life Energy is different from Galactic and Quasar Energy and Matter . Life Energy Thinks .
  3. A singularity is a imagined mathematical concept only . A singularity would , could never happen , exist , in a physical based Universe .
  4. To your first statement ; its not about " feel " . WithOut the Real Physical 3D existence , a computer could never exist , no matter how far back you go to gods origin and the Fundamental Elements origin . Mathematics in and of its self does not create anything ; its simply not capable of doing so , my reasons are above . Mathematics helps in understanding something , Mathematics is a tool of knowledge .
  5. So you think we are in a computer generated Universe ?
  6. To your last statement ; what's the point of hallucination ? Is BB( big-bang ) an hallucination .
  7. But the graviton is theoretical particle as far as as I know ; there is no physical evidence that the graviton particle actually exists .
  8. I get what you are saying ; because they can't really understand that the physical is the essence of mathematics its self . Until this happens we will never truely understand our Universe and therefore any other possible Universe that might exist .
  9. The coordinates just repeat . Fractals repeat the same shape . The same geometry . Over and over again .
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