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  1. It would be very hard to come with any news if you don't speak about others, tough to tell lies about others and countries should be illegal.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxPEcd6mLlY I really like folk songs, well historical inspired songs in general really.
  3. Guess we've been inspired by movies, it enhance a moment with some background music like i movies maybe?
  4. I tend to listen to something that fit my current moods, so it ranges from everything between Metal and House, if I'm stressed it sort of keeps my mind distracted to listen to stressfull music like Mindless self indulgance, but my favourites tends to be metal and classic music tough, which means I enjoy listening to that the most whatever mood I'm in.
  5. Well the reasons are many and doesn't really tell much about demographics, some love to brag about their belongings and get big badass cars and home cinemas and what not, but of course the companies use ways to make it seem like these items are so cool and thats why you need them, the phone commercials on TV often tells you to "upgrade" to a bigger better phone, they want you to consume and milk your money, then there's several people who don't care about such and buy phones when your old one stops working, a new tv when the old one throws in the towel, no need to "upgrade" if what you got is
  6. I read somewhere that it feels like time goes slowly when you're a kid cause you're experiencing so many new things and learning so much but when you age time goes faster cause theres not much new interesting and exciting things going on and you might not do as much in one day as when you were a kid. A kids day: School, come home and play, watch cartoons, shower/bath time, bedtime. Grown ups days: Job, come home and cook dinner or do housework, shower, tv/computer, bed. Elderly day: Hobby ( knitting, take care of flowers etc ), coffee, maybe wait for help at home with cleaning and shower
  7. There was one time when I was on a train and I was sitting in the backwards seat, I was looking out the window and I saw a big military jet likely "plane" hoover right over the train, really close, it was silver and not really like a military jet in the shape, a bit different but that sort of triangular shaped streamlined look, there was no sound coming from it and I kept looking at it thinking I was going crazy, I looked at the other passengers but they didn't seem to see it, a lot was looking down at their phones tough, I looked back up at the plane thingie and just watched it hoover over th
  8. 3-7 minutes? Thats sorta sadly short, me and my boyfriend take about 15-20 minutes per act, just enjoying eachother and cuddles in between each. But I would say food on that question, simply cause if you don't eat, you will starve to death and then you can't reproduce, so food first so you can have sex
  9. Homosexuality is normal, theres a documentary about it on youtube even, really interesting, and it's not like it's the homosexuality itself that causes STDs but the act of not being careful, Stds spread between anyone whatever sexuality ( but duh thats logic ), I honestly can't wrap my head around people who argue against homosexuality and bisexuality with that it is unnatural, seems they need to educate themselves a bit.
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