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  1. I feel that interpolation would be the easiest and most effective way to do this for a few reasons 1. The nerve gear would already be loaded down with the task of interpreting the signals from the nervous system and ensuring the quality of the 5 senses. 2. If the nerve gear interpreted this, then you would be limiting what other games could be used with the nerve gear, if instead this was based around the games engine, the same motion could be used for different commands across different games. All the nerve gear would then have to do is adust the vision of the player to portray what the
  2. Hello everyone, my name on here is Roxas, just on a short read through i saw the problem of inducing the paralysis. I dont have a lot to offer on the subject, but instead of inducing this couldnt a person, through the use of a BCI, esentially be put into the completely immersive environment but be put on a multidirectional treadmill? This would not only remove the problem of having to basically put the person into a coma, but this would also give the computer a seperate input for movement direction and speed, so that then the BCI focuses more on generating the "sight" aspect?
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