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  1. Time is external to the observer in the rocket. the truest measure of the rockets is from an external position. From that external position, time is not observed by the image of a clock on the other rocket. It is his own clock marking a start time and stop time. For example, two rockets blast exactly opposite directions at the speed of light, and each rocket has a rear observation device. Because they are travelling at the speed of light, the last image of light they see travels with them, making it appear that time has stopped for as long as they travel at the speed of light. Their onboar
  2. before responding, I warn and beg your indulgence that I am considering this from the position of theology/science, as I consider the two to be inseparable. I believe theology can be reasoned and that the answer, "You just gotta believe" is a loser's copout, whether he is discussing theology or science. I have thought about this for several years, but thought I was the only one, so I stayed quiet about it until I could convert my thoughts to text. Then, I googled it and found your post. As I understand dimensions, each one represents a subset of the previous dimension. That is, in a 'y' l
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