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  1. Haha yeah I did cheat a little bit. With a watch, smartphone, reams of astronomical data and an idetic memory, this problem would be very easy to solve. It's just one idea I had. What science forum would this be if we didn't ask what the outcome could be under different circumstances? And until me, or somebody else, comes up with a comprehensive solution to the original problem that would work in every possible scenario, then why not throw a few extra bits in for fun and to get the thinking going? :) . A lot of questions have been solved (and even more arising) by asking "what if?". I found
  2. Yes precise astronomy data isn't what you packed for the test run as you didn't expect to get stuck in the future (in this hypothetical universe you are not a very forward thinking person, which I'm sure is not at all true in our real universe). I do see your point about knowing the exact time of a second in relation to caesium decay, I hadn't thought of that as I thought perhaps you could measure my watch for two full rotations of the hour hand and measure the decay of caesium to find out the length of a day in our time using a universal standard of time. This could then be compared. Obvio
  3. Yes at first so was thinking of ideas such as measuring the length of a day using the method of radioactive decay used in atomic clocks. If you had a watch they would be able to estimate fairly closely the length of a day in our time as compared to theirs and work out how far in the future you have travelled. However this does have it's problems. What if when you reach the future the earth had already become tidally locked to the sun... then you can at least say that you have travelled far enough into the future that this will have happened but you couldn't say how much further past that poi
  4. You have just invented the world's first time machine however this time machine can only go forward in time by huge amounts. You test the machine for the first time and realise that the "time travelled" indicator does not work. When you eventually stop at some unknown point in the future you are greeted by a futuristic race of intelligent beings. This race, upon your arrival, engineer a translator and you are able to converse with them with all the language you know and all the gestures and signs of emotion. You haven't taken anything with you apart from the clothes you are wearing and a time
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