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  1. I might sound unlogic on the 'individual connect' and the 'gatheringa all signal' but i guess i should explain this.


    By 'individual connect' i mean directly connect to the computer by using a device that could directly transfer your brain message to the game without passing by any server gate(something like a check point before enter)


    By gathering all signal i mean we have to...Might sound weird and unlogic, but remember before we do something like looking at an apple, our brain will trasmit an image to the brain and then we know it is an apple then our brain will transmit signal to the arm and then we pick it up. What if we pack all these stimuli together like a program all send it to a specialize station(a station to convert the stimuli into action)?

  2. According to our current technology, we cant just plug a helmet into a PC in order to connect the virtual world and move the body there. But i think for the least we can make a station where all signal gather before individual connect can be done. Yes, it sound confusing. But we can only start from basic way. I believe that had been assumed but in another form that we simply cannot imagine of. Like ealier the brain computer i said that are a bit have connection to this.


    Did i still sound confusing?

  3. I think brain control everything in our body including the nervous system and sensory system,which is compulsory to NerveGear. So all we need to do is take control of the brain and we get it all, I heard there are some information about controlling stuff such as PC for latest, they have special head gear for controlling the PC without using any hand. Controlling stuff is just the beginning, perhaps we can upgrade it (and of course, easier to say then done.). I also know that brain send stimulus, a signal like stuff to control our movement. If we can reverse it, like sending mechanical signal to the brain and the brain will send the real signal to the nerve and the sensory system.


    Now that i think about it, moving body in the virtual without moving it in the reality is the main problem here, i guess we could make brain sending some sort of signal of sensory while... Wait, what about we can send all the brain signal to one station and that station contain some sort of receptor that accept it make us move in there.


    Like a virtual body require the real body to send signal to it to make it activate.

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