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  1. Here's some food for thought concerning the great dryer vs hand towels debate! I think generally speaking, it's pretty hard to track either as there are so many advancements being made to both across the board.
  2. I agree, I think a) is also true. My source is Psychology Today. I also think e) could be true but I have no source! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dream-catcher/201109/the-dreams-men-and-women
  3. Oh dear, I definitely remember the RJ11 two wire modem! AND I still have tonnes of floppy drives!
  4. Well to start with, there is Mandorin and there is Cantonese. Although they are both tonal languages, they are two very different languages. I would start by declaring which one it is you're asking about, and then hopefully someone here will have some answers to your questions. I'm afraid I am no expert - I only know a few phrases - so I cannot be of any help.
  5. Nerve pain is THE worst. But I can also vouch for acupuncture - worked like a charm for me.
  6. Mandarin has 4 different tones. Check this article on The Atlantic our for more info on tonal languages.
  7. Hi Craig, Thanks very much for your informative response! I just recently set up my own WordPress fueled site for my editorial content on environmental science. Going forward, I wanted to create a brand for myself to make things a bit more consistent. So I think you just answered my question for me - yes, it is a good idea to get my own DN in my email address! This article had plenty of reasons to set up my own DN too and also heped me come to this conclusion. Also, thank you for the Bloomberg article, I'll save this to have with my cup of tea in the morning! -S
  8. I've been on the fence about getting my own email domain. I'm just not sure if it's worth it or not? I've read a lot online about creating your online presence and digital brand, and that having your personal email address may add to that. What do you guys think?
  9. I think the study of astrology is a real and true thing whereby some people are certified proffessionals, some are true believers, and some are hobby advocates. The important thing to remember about these things is not to prove them wrong, but in fact, to respect that different people take from them what they will and what they may need during a certain period in their life. When it comes to a study that has such ancient roots, who are we to bunk? If YOU think something resounds with YOU, then I think that is something very special.
  10. I'm not sure I quite follow!? All I could find was this basic definition!!
  11. I don't think this is necessarily abusing technology? Peoples brains work in different ways and to struggle with maths and therefore require a smartphone calculator/an oldschool calculator/a piece of paper and pen/a tree and a stone does not necessarily mean we're abusing technology? This definitely disappoints me too. The element of surprise, wonder and exploration has been erradicated with our current state of instant gratification. However, amongst a few friends of mine and myself, we have a new rule: in a conversation we are not allowed to look up the answer on our smartphones until
  12. I think technology can have as big of a toll on you as you like really. If living in a city, it is obviously more difficult to become self sufficient than it would be in the countryside, but in some places there are many doing exactly this, and successfully so! There's an entire movement now of both individuals and organisations who are taking things back to the roots with the aim of providing for themselves. There are lots of workshops and classes helping people to do so. It's easy to do your own bit so that you're comfortable with how much you rely or don't rely on technology. Simple and e
  13. This is and has been normal since almost the beginning of time. We may not have had Michelin-starred chefs making these things appetising, but we've been eating insects, blood and brains, or other internal organs, for quite some time now in various cultures and traditions worldwide. The faeces one, however, does baffle me!
  14. I'm listening to Boards of Canada - Music has the Right to Children. Swooooon!
  15. Hej! I'm Sammy, living in Dublin and working as a freelance writer for environmental science papers. Interested in all things sciency! Cheers, Sammy
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