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  1. I do believe in the value of vaccinations, but I also agree with the importance of a healthful environment. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive but complementary.
  2. I think these days it is generally accepted that the electron is a quantum object. That is, an electron is partially particle-like and partially wave-like, but it may well be something more complex that is neither a wave nor a particle. So, while Bohr’s model was/is simplistic and wrong, he did manage to exactly calculate the ground state energy of hydrogen as well as the correct size of the hydrogen ataom. This may have been made possible by the strange fact that in the hydrogen atom, the radial excitation and an angular excitation have the same energy. Furthermore, the Bohr mathematical
  3. I think this has gone on long enough and is going nowhere so I’m locking this. Hopefully we can find something more interesting to discuss. Edit: Since new posts were made in the "Corona virus is Fake News" thread on this topic, I have moved them here.
  4. That ship is a museum piece in Pearl Harbor, decommissioned in 1992 I think, so I do find it hard to believe you worked in the comcenter. How can you work in the comcenter but not serve aboard her? What I really do not get is why the USN needs an Australian cryptographer to work in their ship comcenters? The USN doesn't have qualified people so they need to call you in?
  5. I missed a couple of these "Mutex's" You were on US Battleships? When was this? Oh, I know, you really didn't mean battleships just like you really didn't mean to say your TS clearance was given by the US, right? As has been pointed out to you several times now, whatever security clearance you may have been given by the Australian authority, it is NOT valid at all in the US and it cannot be the same clearance, no matter how many times you assert it. The US Coast Guard probably works far more with security allied countries and even non-allied countries, than the US Navy simply b
  6. When you get caught in a lie you will most likely be called a liar and you should learn to accept it. You said you had the highest level of security clearance given by the US. The US does not give security clearances to non-US citizens. You lied. That fact is obvious to everybody. Now I will be moving all this crap out of this thread.
  7. Mutex is now claiming there is no distinction between something that is naturally occurring and man made! LOL
  8. It is just to post the correct information and all supported by links, that's all.
  9. To be fair, Monty, it was Mutex who said that the virus is natural even if it was man made.
  10. I agree with you Monty; I may move all of this security clearance tangent to its own thread later, but first I need to add just one more post. In case anyone might be interested, (doubtful) here is an information sheet (pdf) that will tell you all you need to know about security clearances issued in Australia by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA): Make special note of what the clearances are called. There is NO mention of a Top Secret clearance because there isn’t any such thing issued in Australia. As a general indication, once AGSVA have received all th
  11. I just realized I missed the point of your question entirely and didn’t provide a good answer at all. I was thinking about being bored in general, rather than trying to avoid being bored and inattentive while performing a job that requires constant vigilance. Sorry for the poor answer. Now that I understand what you were asking, I would recommend taking breaks at regular intervals (if there is someone to relieve you), and little tricks we learn while pulling guard duty such as moving around a bit even if it only involves stretching and standing instead of constant sitting. A security guar
  12. You should just stop now; you are making a fool out of yourself. There are only three levels of clearances in the US: confidential, secret and top secret. Australia has a different system with four levels of security clearances: baseline, NV1, NV2 and PV. There is no such thing as a top secret clearance in Australia. The top secret designation is reserved for certain resources, not clearances. If an Australian came to me and said he has a Top Secret clearance, I would know right away he was lying.
  13. It is amazing how you just keep making up sh1t! Your exact words were “I held the highest security clearance that the US can give out,” For your information, that is the Top Secret clearance that I have held for about 15 years as a commissioned officer in the US Coast Guard and more recently the NOAA. Now you tell me this long garbled story about your security clearance is issued by the Australian Government “with the NSA and ASIO”, and then some total horseshit about a “(NATO) security clearance” but remind me that “Australia is not even in NATO” LOL Thing is, there is NO
  14. Learn a new skill. When the coast guard sent me up to Alaska, I was bored out of my mind but I noticed there are many private pilots in Alaska. So, I learned how to fly and obtained my private pilot license. I once thought being on the ocean was the greatest thing but these days I find flying is even better. Plus, there is no covid at 15,000 feet up and away from everybody!
  15. This is a huge subject, with so many aspects it is difficult to know how to reply unless you indicate what your particular area of interest is. For example, there is the manufacturing aspect which involves choosing the right material compounds to provide adequate strength and durability while also being lightweight. F1 tires are only constructed to last long enough for one race, unlike conventional car tires that are built to last for several years. Next, there is the consideration of making the tire to have just the right combination of high static friction to provide traction while having lo
  16. One warning has already been given. Moving this to silly claims.
  17. We tried twice to make this a serious forum . . . . . . But you just keep coming back!
  18. What do I win? By the way, since you are an admin can you please look into why LaTex formulas do not render here? If you click on the <> symbol you get a box with a drop down menu where LaTex can be selected, but I am not sure what tags to use to get LaTex to work. I tried the usual [math] and [latex] and also $$ and $ as well as a couple of others and it doesn't work. Is the LaTex plugin actually installed? Thanks
  19. Zinc-Carbon Batteries have been around a very long time. They are the grandfather of small batteries for portable devices. Here is a link to an informative short read about them. Yes, you can replace them with alkaline batteries.
  20. Why are you using two objects that are connected to water lines in one way or another? You say there is no water pipe connected to the bath but does not both the washing machine and the bath have drain pipes? If the led lights there must be a complete circuit. Try disconnecting both the water inlet and the drain lines from the washing machine and repeat your experiment. Even better, don’t use any device that connects to water lines at all; try two metal filing cabinets sitting on a tile floor. This experiment is nonsense and the only person who is being fooled here is you.
  21. I get 22.56 cm and since you didn’t show your work, I’m not showing mine.😊
  22. The image is from here and includes the full name Apeirohedron truncated octahedra and hexagonal prism 4446 The is the vertev configuration that I mentioned earlier Sure, if you sit on it.
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