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  1. As a matter of objective reality it is impossible for one of them NOT to be wrong. As a matter of subjective fantasy, they can both be right iN THEIR OWN MIND, if you want to call that "right." One could be hallucinating seeing a bear and the other a tiger, and they would be be right in their own mentally imbalanced "frame of reference." But the subject of physics pertains to objective matter in motion, not psychological states. I'm simply speaking as a matter of physics, not subjective psychology. You do see the difference, don't you, A-wal?
  2. This is the real heart of the problem, not what observers see. They cannot BOTH be at rest, although they are both free to "consider" themselves to be. But at least one of them must be wrong. Perceptions (in this case it's not really perceptions, but rather assumptions) can be wrong. Here's the logical contradiction put another way:' 1. A claims that he is at rest, and that B is moving (and therefore B's clock has slowed down); 2. B claims that he is at rest, and that A is moving (and therefore A's clock has slowed down). It is not logically possible for both to be "at rest" wh
  3. Likewise, there is a difference (distinction) between loading a rocket up with fuel, igniting it and: 1. The rocket beginning to move away from the earth and toward the moon, versus 2. The rocket remaining absolutely motionless while the earth begins moving away from the ship, and the moon toward it.
  4. 1. There is a difference between the earth revolving around the sun and the sun (and the entire universe, for that matter) revolving around the earth, wouldn't you agree?
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