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  1. I've had no feedback, so I've tried reporting the same post again, with the same result. I wonder if anybody is minding the shop? I'd have expected some activity somewhere. Especially since the post I'm trying to report was written by a moderator :banghead:
  2. Just tried - same message as OP: Thanks - I think - for the praise of my avatar. It's from my coffee mug (see profile pic). It's one of a pair - I have Eeyore, the wife has Tigger.
  3. I tried to report a post a few minutes ago. The page eventually timed out (Firefox error). Tried again, with same result.
  4. If the experts knew everything, there would be no need for research. There's a lot of research being done on Alzheimer's precisely because we don't know everything. A scientist says "this appears to be true, to the best of our current knowledge", not "this is the exact precise answer". More and more, we're learning that the mind controls the body in unexpected ways. It's long been known that "belief in the treatment is a large part of the cure." Latterly, the placebo effect has been found to cure real illnesses. From Alzheimer's Research UK Active life... interests and hobbies... educatio
  5. Actually, no. I'm rarely asleep before 2am, usually 3 or 4. And I can miss a night's sleep and function quite well the following day. When I wake up, I'm in a trancelike zombie state, usually needing an hour or two for all the brain cells to wander around and find each other. Except when I'm woken by a crying baby (worked only for my own, thankfully). I got an instant adrenalin shot that woke me completely in an instant. It took at least an hour for the dose to wear off, so if the kid wasn't up for a little playtime, he'd sleep on my lap while I read a book.
  6. The thread title contains an "either-or" strawman which needs to be knocked over. If a mother only knows "mothering", she isn't going to be able to raise her children properly. No matter how good she is at cooking, cleaning, nursing... if she can't feed her children's minds, she can't do the whole of the job. So don't apologise, Pam. You already knew that! I was blessed with a mother who knew lots of stuff. She left school early, but fed a strong bump of curiosity throughout her life. If I asked her a question, she'd either be able to answer it straight away, or we'd look it up together. In
  7. Interesting. I haven't had a good debate with a True Believer for a long time now. ;) There are many items in your long screed I could take issue with, but I'll limit my comments to just the two, which I'm sure even a True Believer will have to agree with. Firstly, everywhere you use the word "life" you have to replace it with "life as we know it". The Earth has had many different temperatures and atmospheric compositions over the millions of years of its existence. Life started on on a very different planet to the one we have now. Second (though I'm sure this one is just your misreadi
  8. Going back to the OP, I believe it's partly about birthrate. When you have a large family, unless you have a very large income you won't be able to give them all a good education. The Chinese "one child" policy has been running for over thirty years now. Is it surprising that the children of that policy have had a lot of care & attention lavished on them by their parents? Or that they have a considerable drive to succeed in whatever they do?
  9. THIS LINK might be the way to go - NASA should know what they're talking about :) Best of luck!
  10. Yes, the rules are there, and they are being disobeyed. They aren't there to enable the government to cover up criminal activity, or to hide embarrassing stuff from public gaze. It's illegal to do so. Read these two links: This one from the New York Times, this one from Associated Press Notice the difference? The Associated Press version says: The NYT version simply says "He says", "he alleges"... with no mention of the leaked cables which confirm the story and show the behind-the-scenes coverup. Do you think the US government has the right to decide "yes, we screwed up, but we aren't g
  11. The pictures somehow got lost in the conversion to the new forum. I've replaced them :)
  12. “Achievement” can be large or small. Rather than brag about my many, many major achievements ;) , I'll talk about a small one. Today I met a pair of sisters, both in their sixties, wanting to cheer up their mother who had just gone into hospital. She'd asked for a photograph of her late husband for her bedside. Almost all of their photographs had been taken by one or the other of them, so there were very few of them as a couple. Of those, only one that was “good” of her husband, but she'd blinked as the shutter clicked, so her eyes were closed :( They had a few other photographs, just of t
  13. As has been said above, division is the inverse of multiplication. But remember that multiplication can be treated as repeated addition: (4*3 = 4 + 4 + 4) And division can be treated as repeated subtraction: 12/4 = 12 - 4 - 4 - 4 Looking at it this way, it's quite clear that you can subtract zero as many times as you like, all the way up to infinity, without changing the original number.
  14. This article in the Guardian made me stop and think. This paragraph in particular: I'm starting to show a lot of the same symptoms. Faced with a long online article, I'll read part of the way down it. Then check my mailbox. Maybe browse a forum or two. Read a bit more of the article... a piece that I used to read in a single slurp can now take me over an hour. :shocked: I googled for some more information about attention span problems. One of the sites I found was http://shortattentionspan.net/ ... but the pages loaded so slowly that I gave up on it
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