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  1. Quote from guy I am in conversation with: "Well here is a fact for a few of ye. STD's among gay men have risen by more than 80% since 2014. That is syphilis, gonorrhea and venereal disease that had almost been eradicated is now again on the rise. Now can any of ye bright sparks that think this behaviour is normal tell me what ye would say to a hetrosexual woman that had sex with a man, not knowing he was bisexual and got infected as a result. Bisexual men are the worst of all because they shop around for sex among hetrosexual women,, and im sure they dont tell the woman about the man they were
  2. I am in a discussion with a theist and he gave me a very weird question indeed.. one that I find a bit moronic and yet a bit interesting.. I then thought about it and I really don't know.. I am not a scientist but am interested in this area.. so if anybody has the slightest ides about this question.. much appreciated. Which evolved first, the human skin, blood, or the human heart? To me is seems like they all evolved together.. simple answer but from my current knowledge that seems correct.
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